The Top 10 World's Most Dangerous Birds (Attacks and Human Deaths Cause)

Top 10 World's most dangerous birds (Attacks and Human Death Cause)

The most dangerous birds in the world are birds that attack humans aggressively. Normally birds are not carnivorous, like lions, leopards, crocodiles, and the likes. Birds are not man-eaters but they can kill or death can result due to circumstances involved in the connection with the bird. 

Some birds are just being aggressive to humans in a self-defensive way in which someone may be seriously injured. These dangerous birds are large birds, though not all large birds are dangerous. 

In fact, medium-size birds too can be dangerous. Either you see these birds with their chicks, on their eggs, or when eating, don’t get closer to them, and never feed them.  

Take caution when you see the following birds, the top 10 world's most dangerous birds (attacks and human deaths cause), they are

  • Southern Cassowary- The most dangerous bird in the world
  • Ostrich
  • Emus
  • European Herring Gull
  • Golden Eagle
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Australia Magpie
  • lammergeiers
  • Barrel Owl
  • Mute swan


Additionally, in this article, you will get to know their incredible life span.


1. Southern Cassowary 

Southern Cassowary is the most dangerous bird in the world
Image credit: Loukelly/Pixabay

They are flightless birds that can be found in southern New Guinea, Indonesia, and northeastern Australia. rainforests. Being the third tallest and the second heaviest birds on the planet. 

Cassowaries are birds with helmet features (a bony protrusion) on their head with blue feathers on their necks and having a stern look. 

The name cassowary comes from the Papuan word meaning horn. They are territorials. Out of cassowary species, the most dangerous one is the southern cassowary. 

There are three species in all, southern, northern, and dwarf Cassowary. Southern Cassowary claw is so long and sharp compares to other species.  They are weightier as well taller compares to others. 

Southern Cassowary is the number one among the most dagerous birds in the world

Southern Cassowary has dangerous feet use in attacks when they are aggressive or when they feel threatened. The middle toe has 5 inches long claw that is very sharp like a razor. 

When the bird kicks, the kick can break a bone. They are the second heaviest bird on the planet together with their scary claw. Plus with the fact that they can also jump to seven feet to attack makes them dangerous. 

Southern Cassowary feet makes it the most dangerous bird on the planet

There have been reports of these birds severely injuring and killing humans. For example, Christopher Kofron shows there have been 150 attacks by Cassowary documented in 1999 in Queensland Park. 

In 1926, a 16-year-old boy died from a Cassowary attack. When you see this bird, please fear it, it is the number one among the most dangerous birds in the world. 

Its female laid big eggs that are the 3rd biggest eggs on the planet.  Southern cassowary eggs are green in color unlike the whitish coloration of most eggs. 

This is because the eggshell contains biliverdin and this helps to conceal it from predators. They feed on fruit in the rainforest. These birds have an average lifespan of fifty years.

2. Ostrich   

Ostrichs are the second most dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: Polyfish/Pixabay

Ostrich is the heaviest, tallest, and biggest bird on the planet. They can pose a danger to human lives. They are limited in numbers since their lives are endangered. 

They have eyes that are even slightly bigger than their brain. They are incredibly fast animals, they can run 43 miles per hour. They have two toes and use their wings as rudders while running. 

Ostrich among the most dangerous flightless birds in the world.
Image credit: ABA63/Pixabay

They have an average lifespan of 30 to 40 years. They have massive eggs that can weigh about 3 pounds and are often considered delicacies in most places where their eggs are found. Ostrich does attack humans as individuals and can also launch attacks as groups. They can be very aggressive. 

Ostriches feet enable them to run. they are the second most dangerous birds.
Image credit: InspiredImages/Pixabay

Their kick is very powerful in that it can kill a lion and other predators because of their powerful legs and four-inch claws. They become aggressive when a person does what they hate. Yet some do domesticate them. 

In 1981, in Hendersonville, Tennessee, an ostrich attack Johnny Cash, an American musician. He said what saved him was his belt buckle.  It was kicked by the Ostrich. If the kicked was directed straight to the stomach, he would have died. Though they rarely killed they do attack.

3. Emus   

Emus, the third  among the most dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: TerriAnneAllen/Pixabay

They are flightless birds found in Australia. They are the second biggest bird with an average height of 2m. They can live up to 20 years. They have two eyelids, one for protection against dirt and the other for blinking. 

They have powerful legs and that is where their strength is. They have powerful muscle (called calf muscle) at the back of their lower leg with three toes. If this bird should launch an attack with its powerful foot, that will be dangerous. These muscles enable them to run up to 30m per hour. 

Emus are large dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: Elsemargriet/Pixabay

Unlike other birds, the male incubates eggs for 56 days and raises the chicks for two years, so if you see a male emu, take caution, they are aggressive like every other female bird with chicks. 

There have been attacks by this bird in zoos around the world, though no death was recorded. There are reports of people being injured by their attack. 

4. European Herring Gull  

European Herring Gulls are medium size dangerous birds.
Image credit: Katrin_Reinthaler/Pixabay

They are birds that are 66cm long found in the coastal region of Western Europe.  They usually have an average weight of 1250kg. Their wings usually have an average of 140cm. European herring gull has a red-stained bill. 

They are aggressive and strong which is mostly based on their size.  They prefer a seaside environment and they feed on other birds chicks and worms.  What makes them dangerous is that they do attack without getting close to them. 

They will attack launch attacks on people who go near their nest mistakenly. This often happens because they nest in the urban area. Anyone can be their victim and be injured. 

5. Golden Eagle   

Golden Eagles are strong dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: Kevinsphoto/Pixabay

They are large beautiful birds that can be 20 feet tall with 8.5 feet wide. They are found in mountain areas in the northern hemisphere, America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They are great hunters and they are carnivorous. They feed on rodents, fishes, rabbits, and reptiles. 

There are have been an unconfirmed story of a golden eagle stealing a sleeping baby from his mother in Africa. That can be true, here is a video of the bird's attack on a little girl. 

They are outstanding for their keen eyesight. The force of their talons is like the force of a bullet. They have the power to kill humans, they haven’t seen to kill but if they launch an attack that can be deadly. They are very strong, they have the ability to carry weighty prey, they do attack big animals like antelope. This bird can live up to 32 years on average. 

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6. Great Horned Owl  

Great Horned Owls are the sixth most dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: HMaria/Pixabay

Great horned owls are large eye birds found in North America with their face with large tufts called horns. They have feather feet and yellow eyes. They are aggressive predators. It is the most dangerous of all owls.  They feed on different kinds of prey, from large prey. Like Ospreys, crows, even on other owls to smaller prey like rabbits, squirrels, marsh birds, and rodents. 

They use their strong talons to attack prey on their spine. There have been reports about these birds attacking people. Especially at night, owl attacks human a lot because they are nocturnal animals. When they are flying you hardly hear their silent flight. 

They may attack because they misinterpret what is on your head as prey. Also, when they feel threatened they attack. They can attack from the sky or from trees. While hunting, a hat is recommended to prevent injuries from a great horned owl. There was a record of an owl that lived for 28 years.

7. Australia Magpie  

Australia Magpie is a medium sized dangerous bird in the world.
Image credit: Sandid/Pixabay

Australia's Magpie is another world's most dangerous bird. It is a medium size bird with black and white feathers, generally weighing between 220 to 350g. They are between 65-85 cm long with a wing length of 65-85cm. They are known for their loud singing song. 

They are found in Australia, Indonesia, and Southern New Guinea. They feed on earthworms, spiders, mice, and other insects. The Australian magpie is different from other species in that they are more aggressive to people crossing their territories compare to others. Generally, they are social birds, but they can grow wild and attack people. 

Australia Magpie standing on a fence, this can be dangerous as they are among the most dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: Minscboo/Pixabay

During the spring in Australia, many people do suffer injuries from this bird attack, though no fatal incident has been reported. But a man has died because of a magpie attack.  

In 2019 an old man was attacked magpie in Australia, the man was running from the threat of the bird but ran into a bicycle and that lead to the man’s death. They have an incredible average lifespan of between 25 to 30 years.

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8. Lammergeiers  

Lammergeier are part of species of vulture that can pose danger as they carry heavy-weight things when they fly. they can also be categorized as among the most dangerous birds.
Image credit: Blende/Pixabay

Lammergeier is from the German language meaning lamb-vulture. They are found in Iran, northwest of Asia as Huma birds. Also known as bearded vultures because unlike other vultures they are not bald. They are seen often carrying lambs and calves. 

They are strong birds with powerful necks and claws. They are medium size birds with a wingspan of 2.57m (8.45 ft.), length of 1.09m (ft.), and weight of 10.2kg (13.6Ib). They are scavengers like other vultures. They do see flying with bones; they feed much on bone marrows and tortoise.  

Though they are often not hostile to living humans. There is an unconfirmed report that this bird has accidentally killed a human. Nonetheless, such birds need not be close to.

9. Barred Owl  

Barred Owls can be dangerous as they are among the most dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: Kshawk/Pixabay

Owls are generally not dangerous but here is another dangerous owl, the Barred owls are also called striped owls. They are larger owls found and popular in the United States. They are 16-23 inches tall with a 38 to 45-inch wingspan. They like to stay near water bodies. 

They feed on small prey like mice, fish, and crayfish. They have an average life span of 8 years. Barrel owls do attack people, for example in 2015, in the bush pasture park; there are reports of a jogger sustaining an injury from this owl attack. 

He said it felt like a sharp knife cut on his head, he screams and ran for safety and was taken to the hospital. Though for an owl to kill humans is very rare. Yet, they can attack, with you sustaining injuries either small or serious injury you may not predict.

10. Mute Swan  

Mute Swans are large white birds that can be dangerous if they attack.

They are large white water birds that are 125 to 170 cm (49-67 in) long. They are called mute swans because they are less vocal than other swans. They are differentiated from other swans by their orange bill with S shape long neck. They can be found in countries like the United States. 

They prefer coastal regions and freshwater bodies. They have an average lifespan of between 30 to 40 years. It is dangerous if you move closer to their nest because they are aggressive. There have been reports of the mute swan attacking people but not fatal. 

Mute Swan ready to fly. they are among the most dangerous birds in the world.
Image credit: Moonzigg/Pixabay

If you approach them by the riverside on their nest, they will attack you with their wings flapping and you may be injured but may not be serious. Unlike other birds that do attack with their beak, they attack through the power of their wings.

Note: If you find yourselves being attacked by these birds and you sustain an injury, please see the doctor for tetanus injection, or for other infections.



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