The Top 30 Hollywood Actresses 2024 List (Famous Beautiful Actress)

The Top 30 Hollywood actresses (famous beautiful actresses) in 2024.

The top Hollywood actresses in 2024 are award-winning actresses. They are women that we all adore for their hard-working spirit and for being resilient. These actresses can act in any role that may come their way. 

In this article, you will get to know how they began their career, their first acting gig, the role they played in movies that makes them famous, and more.

Here are the top 30 Hollywood actresses 2024 list (famous beautiful actresses), they are, 

  • Emma Watson
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Viola Davis
  • Natalie Portman
  • Emily Blunt
  • Scarlett Johnson
  • Margot Robbie
  • Alexandra Daddario
  • Halle Berry
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Gal Gadot
  • Shailene Woodley

And 15 more top Hollywood actresses you should know. Check them out, keep reading!

30. Isla Fisher                               

Among the top Hollywood actresses is Isla Fisher.
Image credit: Directv

Age: 45 (3 February 1976)

Birthplace: Muscat, Oman 

Marital status: Married

Isla Lang Fisher is an Australian entertainer, among the top Hollywood actresses in 2024. She is a writer as well she is popular for playing Shannon Reed in the TV series Home and Away. She turned out to be notable after four years of depicting the well-known role in the Australian drama, for which she got two Logie Award nominations.

Fisher featured in a couple of TV promotions from the outset in her career and later worked broadly in the Australian TV business. Then, following her move to Hollywood and working in films likeWedding Crashers, her bank accounts improved.

She has voiced characters in vivified movies, for example, Scooby-Doo, Horton Hears a Who!, Rango, and Rise of the Guardians, among others. In the wake of featuring in Confessions of a Shopaholic, Fisher made a name for herself in Hollywood. She later worked together with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Elizabeth Debicki in the film, The Great Gatsby.

29. Salma Hayek                          

Salma Hayek is among the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 55 (2 September 1966)

Birthplace: Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

Marital status: Married

Her father was a prominent businessman who campaigned for mayor of Coatzacoalcos, but it was her mother who got young Hayek involved in politics. Even before moving to Hollywood, becoming one of the top Hollywood actresses, that she is in 2024, this beautiful woman, Hayek had her big break in the film and television industries in Mexico. 

In Teresa, a Mexican show series, the entertainer is projected in a lead job. She played a splendid and appealing young lady. Donald Trump, the very rich man turned president reportedly attempted everything he could to win Hayek. 

He understood Hayek was crisp and he set his coat over her shoulders to keep her warm when they were at a luxury dinner. Nonetheless, not one of his motions was endearing to her. 

28. Zoe Saldana                        

one out of the top Hollywood actresess is Zoe Saldana.
Image credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, US

Age: 43 (19 June 1978)

Birthplace: Passaic, New Jersey, United States

Marital status: Married

Her mother is a Puerto Rican and her father is from the Dominican Republic. Zoe Saldana is an actress and dancer who get famous and is now one of the top Hollywood actresses in 2024 after starring in blockbuster films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Avatar.

Saldana began her career as a stage performer after training as a ballet dancer. She appeared in a number of productions for FACES and the New York Youth Theatre Group before making her big-screen debut in the film Center Stage.

She received her first award from the Boston Society of Film Critics in 2009 for the film Star Trek, in the category of Best Ensemble Cast. She earned the Teen Choice Movie Actress – Action award in 2012 for her role in Columbiana.

27. Charlize Theron                         

Charlize Theron is part of the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: Gage Skidmore

Age: 46 (7 August 1975)

Birthplace: Benoni, South Africa 

Marital status: Divorced

Charlize Theron is a famous actress, model, dancer, fighter, and of Afrikaans descent. She is one out of the top Hollywood actresses. She got the support of her mother; her mother purchased a one-way ticket for her to pursue her goal of acting in Los Angeles. 

From the outset, she was dismissed by a few agents; however, she was seen by John Crosby, who assists her to get her first role in Children of the Corn III. She grew up in South Africa, in fact, when she accepted her Academy Award for her performance in Monster, she informed listeners that she would be getting back to Benoni with it.

She is a tall model, she is 1.77 meters. Her confidence in front of the camera is acquired in her modeling days, is obvious in the way she portrays many roles on film so casually and flawlessly.

26. Sandra Oh                                

Sandra Oh is one out of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 50 (20 July 1971)

Birthplace: Nepean, Ottawa, Canada

Marital status: Divorced

Her parents moved to Canada from South Korea to further their studies. Her father gets additional studies in economics and her mother, biochemistry. Even though she is famous; she is a very private person. She began her career as a ballet dancer, but she started acting at the age of 15. 

While Grey's Anatomy is what made Oh famous, she played a couple of extraordinary parts preceding the clinical show, including a film named Double Happiness. Sandra’s five Emmy nominations for her work on Grey's Anatomy demonstrate her incredible skill. These achievements bring her to the list of the top Hollywood actresses in 2024.

 She is the first Asian to get two Golden Globe Awards. She is also the first Asian woman to be nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, as well as the first Asian woman to be nominated for a BAFTA for Best Actress in a Television Series. 

25. Jessica Alba                         

Jessica Alba is on the list of the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: TechCrunch

Age: 40 (28 April 1981)

Birthplace: Pomona, California, United States

Marital status: Married

Her mother is of French and Danish ancestry, while her father is Mexican-American.  When people hear her name, Jessica Alba, people's first thought is an actress. This is logical; she is one of the top Hollywood actresses. 

And she has been in television series and films since the age of 13. At that age, she landed the main role in her first major film, Camp Nowhere. Her major break came in 2000 when she was hired as the lead in James Cameron's TV drama, Dark Angel.

However, in 2011, she expanded her portfolio to include business, which has proven to be quite successful. She had suffered from a collapsed lung, a renal infection, and a perforated appendix. She joked that her constant childhood illnesses inspired her to pursue acting since she had so much time to live in her own head and imagine becoming someone else. 

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24. Gabrielle Union                      

Gabrielle Union is a among the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 49 (29 October 1972)

Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Marital status: Married

We have been seen her on our TV for years, and we adore her. Gabrielle Union is beautiful, opinionated, and completely incredible. Since 1995, this stunning actress has acted in a slew of noteworthy roles in the entertainment sector. 

While she began her career as a supporting actor in films such as She's All That and 10 Things I Hate About You, she quickly rose to become one of the most well-known top Hollywood actresses of the 1990s. 

Initially, she did not want to become an actress, she wanted to be a lawyer. Gabrielle began acting as a means of paying off her enormous university debt and student debts. She was hooked after finding out how much she loved it. 

23. Megan Fox                            

Megan Fox is beautiful woman on the list of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 35 (35)

Birthplace: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States

Marital status: Divorced

Megan Denise Fox is a talented actress and model. In the family movie, Holiday in the Sun, she made her acting debut in 2001. Her performance in the film Transformers earned her international recognition in 2007. 

For this, she is among the top Hollywood actresses in 2024. As we all know, she has the uncanny power to make every heartbeat beat quicker than usual whenever she appears on film. Her stunning blue eyes leave one breathless. 

Although, Fox got her big break in the film Transformers, but she did not want to appear in it initially; she only saw it as a way to get out of college while still making money. She is a  mother of three children as well as a mother to her step-child. 

22. Sanaa Lathan                     

Sanaa Lathan is part of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 50 (19 September 1971)

Birthplace: New York, United States.

Marital status: Single

Stan Lathan, her father worked behind the scenes in television for PBS and produced series including Sanford & Son and Def Comedy Jam, and her mother Eleanor McCoy is an actress and dancer. 

She probably got the inspiration to become an actress from her parents. She earned an English degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Lathan went on to Yale University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in theater. 

Sanaa Lathan is one of top Hollywood's most well-known actresses. She has performed in various Hollywood films as an actress and voice-over artist, including the box office success The Best Man and its sequel. She has also performed on Broadway, where she received a Tony Award nomination.

21. Rebel Wilson                            

Rebel Wilson is among the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 41 (2 March 1980)

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia.

Marital status: Single

Her father and mother worked as expert dog handlers. She nails every part she receives in a movie, no matter how small or large, to the point that people are left wondering. This is most evident in the movie Pitch Perfect, when she went from being a supporting role to a leading lady, bringing her on the list of top Hollywood actresses. 

Wilson is now a household name, and despite the fact that her career appeared to be slowing a few years ago, she is still well known even as a comedian. In 2007, in the film Ghost Rider, Rebel Wilson got her first Hollywood role, although a minor one. Her first significant acting role in America was in Bridesmaids. She had knowledge of the law but never practiced; in 2009 she graduated with a BA in arts and law. 

She has not yet to win or even been nominated for an Academy Award, she has had success at other award ceremonies, like the MTV Movie & TV Awards. She has been nominated five times and has two wins: one for Best Musical Moment in Pitch Perfect in 2013 and another for Best Kiss in Pitch Perfect 2 in 2016.

20. Amber Heard                      

On the list of the top Hollywood actreese is Amber heard.

Age: 35 (22 April 1986)

Birthplace: Austin, Texas, United States

Marital status: Divorced

She was born and grew up in the city of Austin, Texas.  She is a high school dropout; she chooses to obtain her diploma through home study classes rather than completing her official schooling. 

The actress is more than just a lovely face and a stunning body; she is a gifted performer and a social rights campaigner. Amber Heard is unquestionably one of the most important top Hollywood actresses’ blondes. Heard's personal life, as an actress, model, and LGTBQ campaigner are always interested to the public. 

Her troubled romances tend to get more notice than her films. She understands sign language and she can speak French. She is a vintage vehicle enthusiast. She has a 1968 Mustang 1967 and Mercedes 250SL.

19. Eva Longoria                          

Eva Longoria is on the list of the top Hollywood actresses as well.
Image credit:  Georges Biard

Age: 46 (15 March 1975)

Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Marital status: Married

She was raised on a farm outside of Corpus Christi with her three sisters. She began hunting deer and wild pigs at the age of four. Now, Eva is an entrepreneur as well as, director, producer, philanthropist, and of course one of the top Hollywood actresses in 2024. 

The 47-year-old debuted her spring 2018 casualwear line and main collection at New York Fashion Week in 2017, with flirtatious silhouettes. After winning the beauty contest in 1998, Eva was crowned Miss Corpus Christi. From South Texas University, she studied kinesiology. 

Her role on The Young and the Restless was her first big acting gig and the payment was like minimum wage to her. In 2005 and 2006, she was named among the most beautiful women by

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18. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman 

On the list of the top Hollywood actresses is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.
Image credit: Gage Skidmore

Age: 25 (1 September 1996)

Birthplace: Oakland, California, United States 

Marital status: Single

Her parents are both teachers. Her popular name, Zendaya is derived from a Shona language (peoples living chiefly in the eastern half of Zimbabwe) that means "to give gratitude." Zendaya is regarded as one of the most brilliant and attractive actresses in the world. 

She is currently well-known for her roles in Spider-Man, the HBO series Euphoria and in the Homecoming. At barely twenty-four years old, this young millionaire seemed to have the world at her fingertips as one of the top Hollywood actresses. 

She made history when she received an Emmy Award at that very young age. Nothing is too much for her, whether it is wide-ranging acting or singing. She is obsessed with Harry Potter. She even stated that she would watch a Harry Potter film once a day since it relaxes her. 

17. Jada Pinkett Smith                     

Jada Pinkett Smith is one out of the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: Dominick D

Age: 50 (18 September 1971)

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, United States 

Marital status: Married

Jada Pinkett Smith is a well-known Hollywood actress 2024. She and his husband are among the most successful celebrity couples. They have demonstrated great dedication to making their marriage work and have stated that they are in it for the long term. 

Because of her honesty and sincerity, the Girl's Trip star has established herself as a role model for women in addition to being a good actress among the top Hollywood actress. Smith is recognized as a "producer" in addition to her acting career. 

She starred in the program "Hawthorne" as an executive producer. On her humanity endeavor, Smith team up with in 2010. She and her family have previously aided in the construction of many wells in Ethiopia.

16. Kristen Stewart                  

Kristen Stewart is one out of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 31 (9 April 1990)

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Marital status: Engaged

Kristen Stewart's parents work in the highly competitive film and television industries, this helps her to follow her parents’ footsteps and seek a career as an actress. When she was eight years old, she was cast in an elementary school play, and her natural acting skill was found. 

A year after, in 1999, she began her professional acting career. Kristen Stewart has been in a number of films, but she is most known for her part in the Twilight trilogy, based on Stephanie Meyer's novel series, where she plays Isabella "Bella" Swan, the main character. 

She employs some method in her acting that helps her to immerse herself in the true nature of each role in order to perform it brilliantly and realistically. Kristen Stewart has been named Best Supporting Actress at the Cesar Awards. This award is given out once a year to honor achievements in the French film industry. 

Her incredible performance in the film Clouds of Sils Maria earned her this award, which is generally given to French actors. Since the award's inception in 1976, this is the first time an American actress has received the award making her one of the top Hollywood actresses.

15. Shailene Woodley              

Among the top Hollywood actresses is Shailene Woodley.

Age: 30 (15 November 1991)

Birthplace: San Bernardino County, California, United States

Marital status: Single

Her parents work in the educational system, her mother is a school counselor, and her father is a principal. Her parents support her acting career by making sure she did well in school. The Descendants, coordinated by Alexander Payne, denoted Woodley's debut performance, which makes her success for her first Golden Globe nomination.

There is no scrutinizing as respects her among the top Hollywood actress. She is most recognized for her roles in films and television shows such as Big Little Lies, The Spectacular Now, and the Divergent trilogy. Besides, she is also an outspoken environmentalist who attends protests and demonstrations on a regular basis, there was a time she even landed herself in handcuffs.

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14. Meryl Streep                         

Meryl Streep is among the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: Montclair Film

Age: 72 (22 June 1949)

Birthplace: Summit, New Jersey, United States

Marital status: Married

Her dad, Harry William Streep Jr., was German and Swiss-German, while her mom, Mary Wolf Wilkinson, was of English, Irish, and German origin. At Yale University, Streep studied drama, where she also received a master of fine arts degree in 1975, after working in summer stock theatre.

She then, at that point, moved to New York City to seek after an acting profession. Meryl Streep is one of the top Hollywood actresses today. In 1975, she made her professional debut at the Public Theatre in Joseph Papp's Trelawny of the Wells. The same very first year in New York, she proceeded to assume five extra parts.

Since then she has been having tremendous roles in movies such as Sophie’s Choice (1982), Out of Africa (1985), A Cry in the Dark (1988), and Florence Foster Jenkins (2016). President Barack Obama bestowed the National Medal of Arts on her in 2010 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom on her in 2014. In 2017, Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Golden Globes.

13. Gal Gadot                              

Gal Gadot is on the list of the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: Gage Skidmore

Age: 36 (30 April 1985)

Birthplace: Petah Tikva, Israel

Marital status: Married

She was brought into the world in Israel; her mom was an educator, while her father worked as an engineer. She wanted to be a choreographer before she taught of involving in a beauty pageant. She won the Miss Israel contest in 2004 and went on to pursue a modeling career.

After her participation at the pageant, she proceeded to serve in the Israeli armed force for a considerable length of time, which is compulsory for all Israeli residents. Afterward went to university to study law. She exited schooling in the wake of acquiring her first acting job in an Israeli TV show called Bubot.

Her Hollywood career began when she performed as Gisele in Fast & Furious, which had the same casting director as Quantum of Solace. Today, Gal Gadot is recognized as one of the top Hollywood Actresses in 2024.

12. Elizabeth Olsen                    

Elizabeth Olsen is one out of the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: Gage Skidmore

Age: 32 (16 February 1989)

Birthplace: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, United States

Marital status: Married

You might be acquainted with Elizabeth Olsen's name. She has been on our screens for quite a while, regardless of whether you are a Marvel fan or you recall her from Mary-Kate and Ashley films. Elizabeth is renowned in her own, regardless of having two of the world's most popular ladies as sisters, Ashley Olsen, and Mary-Kate Olsen.

At the time she was 10, her sisters decide that she should retire until she is old enough before she started acting. Avengers: Age of Ultron, Capptain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War are a few of Elizabeth's Hollywood blockbuster movies. She does not feel special because of being a celebrity.

Elizabeth is baffled with respect to why individuals consider working before the camera to be so special. Elizabeth Olsen is not like other top Hollywood actresses who utilize social media to get more famous. She does not fancy the use of social media, she does not even have an Instagram account, and most of Instagram profiles with her name on them were created by her fans.

11. Halle Berry                                 

Halle Berry is part of the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Age: 55 (14 August 1966)

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Marital status: Divorced

Judith Berry, her mother is a mental nurse, while her father is Jerome Berry, an African-American hospital attendant. Halle Berry is one of the top Hollywood's wealthiest actresses. She is a previous style model, beauty queen, and Revlon delegate with a blend of expertise, persistence, and excellence.

She made her big-screen debut in Spike Lee's critically acclaimed romantic drama film Jungle Fever in 1991, playing Samuel L. Jackson's drug-addicted girlfriend. Berry is the epitome of beauty, and she wears her exquisite gowns with grace.

She was awarded the most popular costume in the first 75 years of the Oscars for her dress during the 2002 event. AS one of the top Hollywood actresses, she has won several awards. This includes the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, People's Choice Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Walk of Fame, Image Award, and an MTV Movie Award, among others. 

10. Alexandra Daddario            

Alexandra Daddario is a beautiful woman among the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 35 (16 March 1986)

Birthplace: New York, United States

Marital status: single

She is otherwise called Anna. She is the oldest girl of Christina, a lawyer, and Richard Daddario, a prosecutor.

Matthew Daddario is her brother who is also an amazing actor. Alexandra Daddario says she decided to be a model or actress when she was ten years old. At the age of 16, she made her television debut in the ABC daytime drama All My Children, when she portrayed Laurie Lewis, a traumatized girl. 

She is one of the top Hollywood actresses in 2024; she is famous for her role in the Percy Jackson movie series as Annabeth Chase. After that, she also acted in the comedy film (zombie comedy Burying).

9. Margot Robbie                         

Margot Robbie is one of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 31 (2 July 1990)

Birthplace: Dalby, Australia

Marital status: Married

Margot Robbie was at that point the main competitor for Hollywood royalty before bringing Harley Quinn to life in a live-action film. The Australian actress, who has been in films such as Once Upon a Time, in Hollywood, and Bombshell, among others, has effectively received two Academy Award nominations.

People do not know Margot Robbie until her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, which made her a household name. She resided in Melbourne before moving to Hollywood, where she was cast as a bisexual adolescent on the daytime serial series Neighbors, which she featured on from 2008 until 2011. She worked with an acting coach before moving to Hollywood to learn an American accent. And right now, she is among the top Hollywood actresses.

8. Scarlett Johnson                 

Scarlett Johnson is a beautiful woman on the rundown of the top Hollywood actresses.
Image credit: Foto: © JCS / Lizenz: CC-BY-SA-3.0 / GFDL

Age: 37 (22 November 1984)

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, United States

Marital status: Married

Scarlett Johansson began her acting career at the age of ten in the film North, and has since risen to become one of top  Hollywood's highest-paid actresses. As a person, she appeared in a number of films alongside John Ritter, Sean Connery, and Robert Redford. She has a twin brother, Hunter. When they were twenty years, he and his brother went to Disneyland.

She is generally recognized for her job in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however, she has worked with a portion of Hollywood's most noteworthy stars and is a box office attraction in her own right. She has a growing singing career in addition to her acting one and now, she is one out of the top Hollywood actresses in 2024. 

7. Emily Blunt                             

Emily Blunt is among the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 38 (23 February 1983)

Birthplace: London, United Kingdom

Marital status: Married

With her sweet British accent and lovely personality on films, Emily Blunt has swiftly become one of top Hollywood's most sought-after actresses. She has demonstrated her acting abilities to fit every part that comes her way, whether it's wiping out audiences in Mary Poppins Returns or unraveling the confidentialities of her past in The Girl on the Train.

In any event, being pregnant did not prevent her from getting everyone's attention on the big screen. She is a surprisingly humble and down-to-earth person, simple to converse with, and cheerful in interviews, which is as well as being a magnificent entertainer, and a singer.

Her marriage to actor John Krasinski is a complete relationship Goal since the duos are both wonderful individuals and they are gorgeous together. Emily Blunt, despite her skill for acting, she did not perceive herself as an actress from the beginning.

She stated that all changed when a teacher suggested she attempt acting as a means of stuttering. She further explained that it was a therapeutic technique to "separate myself from myself”. The only way to communicate smoothly was to pretend to be someone else. She said it is a relief to finally find something that worked.

6. Natalie Portman                   

Natalie Portman is among the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 40 (9 June 1981)

Birthplace: Jerusalem

Marital status: Married

She was born in Jerusalem, Israel, even though she grew up in Washington, D.C., Connecticut, and Long Island, New York. As a result, she is a citizen of Israel and the United States of America. She is viewed as one of top Hollywood's most recognized and profoundly appreciated entertainers in 2024.

Natalie Portman is viewed as an amazing character in the industry, having starred in multiple blockbusters and being a beauty queen. She is persevering and devoted to her profession as an entertainer that for her part as Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta, she clean-shaved her head on-screen.

The Academy Award winner and two-time Golden Globe nominee is a well-known figure in the business. Without a question, Natalie Portman is beloved by everyone. She is multilingual; she can communicate in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Hebrew, with ease.

She said she did not have a Television, that she watched shows on her PC while streaming them. Perhaps she does not enjoy viewing movies as much as she enjoys performing in them, or perhaps she does not have the time to do so. 

5. Viola Davis                            

Viola Davis is one out of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 56 (11 August 1965)

Birthplace: Saint Matthews, South Carolina, United States

Marital status: Married

Viola Davis is an American top Hollywood actress and producer who has won several awards. She grew up in a poor home but put forth a lot of effort to get over her difficult childhood.

In less than a decade, she went into acting and starred on TV, in films, and on stage, she gain an incredible reputation. She is the first black actress to win the Triple Crown of Acting (Oscar, Emmy, and Tony Awards), as well as the first black actress to receive three Academy Award nominations.

More to that, she has received two awards from the African-American Film Critics Association. She started her career in the late 1990s when she appears on stage and on screen. In New York, she studied theater through the scholarships she won. 'Time' magazine has also named her as one of the world's 100 most influential people.


4. Angelina Jolie                         

Angelina Jolie is on the list of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 46 (4 June 1975)

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Marital status: Divorced

Jon Voight, the Oscar-winning actor, is Angelina Jolie's father. Jolie's mother is Marcheline Bertrand, a French actress who appeared in a few films and television shows and was married to Jon from 1971 to 1980.

Despite her status as one of the world's most attractive women, Jolie was bullied in high school because of her appearance. Angelina Jolie has been described as "wild," "talented," "controversial," "intellectual," "unpredictable," and "influential," among other adjectives, among different descriptions, demonstrating that she is the kind of character that resists classification.

She is of course among the top Hollywood actresses 2024.  In the trashy sci-fi movie named Cyborg 2, she made her acting debut in 1993. She has won an Oscar and 3 golden globes. Jolie is a mother of six children, three of whom she has with Brad Pitt and three others she adopted.

3. Anne Hathaway                       

On the list of the top Hollywood actresses is Anne Hathaway.

Age: 39 (12 November 1982)

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Marital status: Married

She is a versatile actress who has appeared in films ranging from fairy tales to adult dramas and comedies. Her mother is an actress too while her father was a lawyer. She has won several awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. 

In 2015, she is among the highest-paid and top Hollywood actresses in the world. Her films have grossed a total of $6.4 billion worldwide, and in 2009, she was named to Forbes' Celebrity 100 list. She attended Millburn High School in Millburn, New Jersey, where she participated in a number of plays that help her. 

She got her leap forward as the leading role in her debut film, the Disney comedy, The Princess Diaries, as a young person in the wake of being cast in the television series Get Real. Thereafter, she has been featured in high gross films such as The Dark Knight Rises.

2. Jennifer Lawrence               

Jennifer Lawrence is one out of the top Hollywood actresses.

Age: 31 (15 August 1990)

Birthplace: Indian Hills, Kentucky, United States

Marital status: Married

The blazing entertainer is known for her honorary pathway blunders, candid nature, and messy conduct, with this, she momentarily won the hearts of her fans. It is difficult not to like her, from her over-sharing of personal anecdotes during interviews to her outstanding on-screen performances, her fans love her for that.

She is beautiful, which might have attracted Prince Harry to her, but she rejected him because she was not interested in leaving her lifestyle to be among the Royal Family. She is not only beautiful but brilliant as well; she has a remarkable 3.9 GPA from the high school she finished from.

Jennifer Lawrence began her acting career by appearing in promotional ads for the MTV reality show My Super Sweet Sixteen. Jennifer was just 14 at the time of filming, despite the fact that the show was aimed at 16-year-olds. Garden Party was her first film role, and then she got her big break in Winter's Bone. All these bring her on the list of the top Hollywood actresses.

1. Emma Watson                        

Among the top Hollywood actresses is Emma Watson.

Age: 31 (15 April 1990)

Birthplace: Paris, France

Marital status: Single

Emma Watson is for certain, a famous name, having played Hermione Granger in the blockbuster Harry Potter series. No scrutinizing about her being on this rundown of the top Hollywood actresses. Everyone appears to like this sort of entertainer who is not frightened to express her real thoughts and who is consistently prepared to shield her convictions.

She is of British and Turkish origin, and despite the fact that both of her parents are legal counselors, they separated when she was little. She tried to be an actress since she was six years old. She was fortunate enough to be able to learn part-time at Stagecoach Theater Arts in Oxford as a child.

She later studied English Literature from Ivy League university and in 2014 she graduated. Her tutors persuaded her to try for the part, but she had to go through seven rounds of auditions before she was selected. She did not give up even when rejected; now she is one of the top Hollywood actresses in 2024.

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