The Top 15 World's Richest Rappers 2024 (+ Net Worth)

The top richest rappers in the world 2024.

The richest rappers in the world in 2024 are talented, hardworking musicians. Some of these rappers have a poor beginning. 

They are being rejected at some point but they never give up. Certain ones dropped out of University to pursue their musical career. Apart from their musical career, few also ventured into businesses.

Here are the top 15 world’s richest rappers 2024 (+ net worth), they are,

Check them out, their rough net worth estimate, their fascinating facts, and more. Keep reading!

15. Pitbull                                 

Pitbull is one of the richest rappers in the world.
Image credit: Angela George

Net worth: $90 million

Age: 40 (15 January 1981)

Nationality: American

Armando Christian PĂ©rez is Pitbull’s full name. He nicknamed himself Pitbull because he admires the tenacity of the dog breed. His music is not only the way he is fetching his money being one of the richest rappers in the world in 2024. 

He is indeed a smart businessman, having ties with Kodak, Voli Vodka, and Bud Light in addition to a line of men's and women's perfumes as well as having a Television development firm. 

He gave the following advice when approached for his greatest investing advice: "Don't be frightened to lose. Listen. Also, never forget to invest in yourself."

14. Eminem                              

Eminem is one out of the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $198 Million

Age: 49 (17 October 1972)

Nationality: American

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem, is one of the most popular rappers of his generation additionally as one of the richest rappers in the world right now. He had a rough beginning. He was raised by his single mother and they suffer from finances. 

One of Eminem's earliest jobs was as a short-order cook at Gilbert's Lodge, a family restaurant. He was dismissed and that motivated him to create the song "Rock Bottom" as a result of his experience. Believing in himself, in 1997 he went to Los Angeles to participate in the 1997 Rap Olympics, Eminem got his big break. 

Despite coming second, his performance pleased Interscope Records executives, who forwarded his name to Dr. Dre. In fact, Dr. Dre is influenced by Eminem through his diligence. He is indeed one of the hardest-working and diligent musicians Dr. Dre has ever performed with, according to Dr. Dre.

13. LL Cool J                            

LL Cool J is among the richest rappers in the world.
Image credit: Deezer

Net worth: $100 Million

Age: 53 (14 January 1968)

Nationality: American

His real name is James Todd Smith and his stage name LL Cool J is the abbreviation for Ladies Love Cool James. LL Cool J has 13 studio albums and two biggest hits collections to his credit, the most recent of which being Exit 13 in 2008. 

When he was 9 years old, His grandpa, a jazz saxophonist, spent $2,000 on two turntables, an audio mixer, and an amplifier for him.  His childhood background really helps him, "I was already a rapper by the time I received that equipment," he says. 

Along with Kurtis Blow and Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J became one of the first hip-hop performers to attain widespread popularity with the success of his smash single "I Need a Beat". 

Some other high point in LL's career was his debut on American Bandstand as the show's first hip-hop performer. And many more of his achievement, no wonder he is among the richest rappers in the world in 2024 right now.

12. Birdman                             

One out of the richest rappers in the world is Birdman.
Image credit: Wikimedia 

Net worth: $109 Million

Age: 52 (15 February 1969)

Nationality:  American

Bryan Christopher Williams is not only known as Birdman but also previously called a Baby. Birdman and Ronald "Slim" Williams formed Cash Money Records in 1991. He is one of the richest rappers in the world as well as he is a record producer. 

Birdman has 4 solo studio albums, 2 mixtapes, one collaboration album, 23 music videos, and 48 singles to his credit. He is also a businessman. He owns an oil and gas exploration firm, which only a few people are aware of. 

He additionally has his own line of products. He is a father of two children, a wonderful husband, and a parent. He enjoys spending time with his family while he is not working.

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11. Ice Cube                              

Among the richest rappers in the world is Ice Cube.
Image credit: Stuart Sevastos/Wikimedia Commons 

Net worth: $140 Million

Age: 52 (15 June 1969)

Nationality: American

It was his elder brother who mistakenly gave it the name, Ice cube. His brother used to threaten to put him in the freezer and pull him out like an ice cube" when they were little. His full name is O'Shea Jackson.  

At his high school, a classmate in typewriting class encouraged Ice Cube to create certain songs and compete in a rap battle while he was in the ninth school. The battle did not go precisely as intended, given Cube's subsequent success in the music business. 

Cube was defeated, but it was evident that his brain had been awakened. Music became a part of his life and personality from that moment on. He is one out of the top richest rappers in the world in 2024 today. 

Jackson enrolls in the Phoenix Institute of Technology to pursue a two-year certificate in architectural drafting, wanting to make a better life for himself. Assuming he was not a rapper, he will be an architect. 

10. Snoop Dogg                          

Snoop Dogg is on the list of the richest rappers in the world.
Image credit: Glenn Francis

Net worth: $143 Million

Age: 50 (20 October 1971)

Nationality: American

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, popularly known as Snoop Dogg or Snoopy, was born in Long Beach, California. Snoop Dogg had a unique style. His soft-spoken demeanor was not only distinct; it also had a calming sense of comfort. 

This technique, according to Rolling Stone magazine, helped him distinguish apart in a competitive field, driving him to the top in his heyday. Snoop Dogg has a total of 27 main awards and 96 nominations, making him one of the most prominent rappers in the game. 

He has received several honors, including Grammys, Billboard Hip-Hop Awards, and MTV Awards. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame's 'celebrity wing' in 2016. 

9. Lil Wayne                                

Lil Wayne is a rich young man on the list of the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $149 Million

Age: 39 (27 September 1982)

Nationality: American

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is his real name. He tried on a number of different stage names such as Shrimp Daddy before landing on the one we know today. He is a brilliant mixtape maker who releases albums that transcend categorization. 

He's been in more guest appearances than most rappers could ever conceive, and he's worth far more money than you may think. He is the CEO of Young Money Entertainment and was the flagship artist of Cash Money Records. 

Following Tupac in the 1990s, he is the very first rapper to have an album debut at Number one. He is one of the richest rappers in the world in 2023 and he has invested in other businesses in addition.

8. Pharrell Williams                   

Pharrell Williams is among the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $151 Million

Age: 48 (5 April 1973)

Nationality: American

He is the eldest son of his parents and her mother is a school teacher. He met Chad Hugo during a seventh-grade summer band camp, in which Hugo played tenor saxophone while Williams played synthesizers and percussion. 

Hugo and Williams joined their pals, Shay Haley and Mike Etheridge to establish the Neptunes, a four-piece "R&B-type" group in the early 1990s. Then Teddy Riley, a musician/producer who had a studio literally next door, noticed Pharrell’s talent at his high school talent competition. 

The group signed with Riley after finishing high school. Williams goes on to compose a verse and assist in the production of Wreckx-N-Effect’s 1992, "Rump Shaker" which was a hit, after working with Riley. 

From that time on he has been successfully performing and producing albums making him among the richest rappers in the world in 2024. His foundation, "From One Hand To Another," was created for youngsters between the ages of 7 and 20 in at-risk neighborhoods in the United States. 

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7. Drake                                  

Drake is one out of the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $175 Million

Age: 35 (24 October 1986)

Nationality: Canadian

Aubrey Drake Graham is Drake's full name. His mother is white and Canadian, but his father is black. Although drake is a successful rapper and one of the richest rappers in the world in 2024, yet, he states that Jay Z, Aaliyah, and Lil Wayne are his major influences. 

Drake began his career in the entertainment sector as a cast member of Degrassi: The Next Generation, a Canadian television series. 

This is because of the popularity of his work on television, he didn't even intend to be a musician. Drake almost had to find a day job as a server after leaving Degrassi. 

Thanks to his mixtapes that he provided to Young Money Entertainment (belonging to Lil Wayne), he received a call from Lil Wayne shortly after leaving acting. Lil Wayne decides to take a risk on Drake and he did not regret it. 

Drake's debut single, Successful, was a massive hit, within a year after the fateful phone conversation with Lil Wayne. This song was eventually included in Rolling Stone's list of the 25 Best Songs of 2009, and he didn't stop there, as his hip-hop and rap songs have continued to lead charts across the world in the years afterward.

6. Master P                                

Master P is one of the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $250 Million

Age:  55 (29 April 1967)

Nationality: American

His real name is Percy Miller and he is one of the richest rappers in the world in 2024. Miller dropped out of university in 1987, and then in the same year, his grandpa died, he was left $10,000. 

He used the money to create his own record store in Richmond, California, named No Limit Records. In 1990, Miller decided to transform the store into a record label after seeing that there was a rap audience who wanted street-level tracks that the larger companies were not really offering. 

His debut album, Get Away Clean, was out in 1991, and was succeeded by Mama's Bad Boy in 1992. That is how his journey began as a successful rapper. 

5. Russell Simmons                  

Russell Simmons is a great musician and on the list of the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $320 Million

Age: 64 (4 October 1957)

Nationality: American

His journey as a successful musician begins when he dropped out of college to promote local artists like Kurtis Blow and his brother Joseph's rap trio Run-D. Co-founded Def Jam Records in 1984, where the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, and Run-DMC got their start. 

He is one out of the richest rappers in the world. Apart from being a rapper, he is a businessman as well that in 1992; he founded Phat Farm, a clothing company. 

Moreover, he founded the Rush Communications umbrella company, which comprises a management firm, an advertising agency, a magazine, television series, and a film production corporation. 

He is also the creator of the Rush Philanthropic Organization, which gives arts education to underserved youngsters.

4. Dr. Dre                                

Dr. Dre is a great man among the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $800 Million

Age: 56 (18 February 1965)

Nationality: American

His real name is Andre Romelle Young. Dr. Dre is his stage name and he had once been known as 'Dr. J.' He rose to prominence as a member of the World Class Wreckin' Cru and subsequently with the important gangsta rap group N.W.A. 

His single debut The Chronic, released under Death Row Records in 1992, made him one of the best-selling American performing artists of the year, and his hit "Let Me Ride" earned him a Grammy Award. 

Altogether, he has won six Grammy Awards. He quit Death Row Records in 1996 to start his own record, Aftermath Entertainment, which he still runs today. Warren G, who is also a rapper and Dr. Dre's are stepbrothers.  

3. Sean Combs (Diddy)                   

Sean Combs (Diddy) is among the richest rappers in the world today.
Image credit: Reckless Dream Photography

Net worth: $855 Million

Age: 52 (4 November 1969)

Nationality: American

In 1989, he dropped out of Howard University and began interning at New York's Uptown Records. As their talent director, he aided Mary J. Blige and Jodeci.  

Then it happened that he was sacked from this employment, but he went on to found Bad Boy Records alongside Arista Records. Combs' debut hit as a rapper, "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down," was released in 1997 and lasted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 28 weeks. 

In that year, he produced his album "No Way Out." This was also a hit, reaching number one on the Billboard 200 with 561,000 copies sold. Since that time his songs makes him famous and he is one of the top richest rappers in the world in 2024. 

He has also been featured in films such as Monsters Ball (2001) and Gets Him to the Greek (2010). He has also invested in fashion, fragrances, and a restaurant chain named Justin, which is named after his son. 

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2. Jay Z                                          

Jay Z is one out of the richest rappers in the world.

Net worth: $1.3 Billion

Age: 52 (4 December 1969)

Nationality: American

Jay Z is a talented musician that he composes all of his lyrics in his thoughts, not on paper. Jay Z got his moniker from his childhood nickname, Jazzy. 

He has been so interested in music that Jay Z's mother claimed that he used to wake everyone at home up at night by hammering drum beats on the kitchen bench.

 Jay Z's albums have been sold for over 50 million copies globally. He is a successful musician and of course one of the top richest rappers in the world.  Roc Nation Sports, a sports management company, was founded by the rapper in April 2013.

1. Kanye West  - The Richest Rapper in the World  

Kanye West is the richest rapper in the world right now.
Image credit:

Net worth: $1.8 Billion

Age: 44 (8 June 1977)

Nationality: American

He has been keenly interested in music. Here is his brief story. He received a year-long scholarship to Chicago's American Academy of Art, and then he transferred to Chicago State University to pursue an English degree. 

At that time, he finally dropped out and proceeded to make his debut album, The College Dropout, which was primarily about finding the confidence to accept who you are instead of trying to follow the route that society has set for you. He is a talented rapper; most of his fortune comes from his music. 

Apart from his rap music, he ventured into a diverse business that includes a cinema, technology, architecture, and fashion that fetch him lots of money. 

No wonder he is the first on the list of the richest rappers in the world. For his music style, he was admired by many even by Michael Jackson.  He was contacted by the MJ himself, who inquired about the jacket he wore in his Stronger music video. 

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