The Top 10 World's Smallest Countries 2024 By Population

The top smallest countries in the world as well as the least populated countries in the world in 2024.

The smallest countries in the world in 2024 are amazing countries with the least population you need to know. One of these countries is almost the size of the mall in Washington D.C, while others are smaller than some states in the US. 

They have their own currency, army, official language, and more features that big countries have. Yet their population size will surprise you. 

One of the countries has a small population due to the past slave trade, while the reasons other populations are so small will amaze you. And there is the probability that you may not have heard about this country before.

These are the top 10 world's smallest countries in 2024 by population (with least population), they are,

Check them out, including fascinating pieces of information about them. Keep reading!

10. Dominica                                

Dominica is one of the smallest countries in the world by population as it least populated.
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Population: 72,278

Continent: North America 

It is a Caribbean island also called the" The Nature Island of the Caribbean", due to its spectacular lushness. Since 1978, the country is part of the commonwealth when they gained independence from the United Kingdom in that same year. Its capital city is Roseau. The people there speak French Patois ("Kwéyòl") and English. 

The country is situated between the French islands of Martinique to the south and Guadeloupe to the north, almost halfway between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. This country is one of the smallest countries in the world in 2024 by population as they are the least populated. 

However,  the ethnic groups in the country are white, Amerindian (Caribs), black and mixed. Parliamentary democracy is the country's system of government. Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) is their currency

Their climatic weather includes high rainfall during the wet season, humid tropical marine and dry season. Their natural resources include arable land, hydropower, and timber. 

9. Marshal Islands                     

Marshal Islands is one out of the smallest countries in the world.
Image credit: Samoa News

Population: 59,848

Continent: Oceania 

The country is situated in Oceania, almost halfway between Australia and Hawaii. In the North Pacific Ocean, there are 5 isolated islands being part of the country and the country has 29 atolls (a coral island consisting of a reef surrounding a lagoon). 

The first inhabitant of this country arrived in BC and they are navigators. On various atolls, they created permanent settlements. This skilled navigators use stick charts in mapping out the country. 

In 1914, Japan seized the country and a big military base was built there. This is probably the reason it is among the smallest countries in the world in 2024 by population as the country is the least populated. 

The capital city is Majuro, it is an atoll of 64 Islands. The urban cluster is where most people live. The climatic condition is nice as the wet season is from May to November, then hot and humid weather follows. 

Deep seabed minerals, marine products, and coconut products are the country's mineral resources. The English language is their official language and it is spoken as the second language.

8. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis  

Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is among the smallest countries in the world.
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Population: 53,820

Continent: North America


In 1882 by the federal act, the islands of Anguilla, Nevis, and Saint Kitts were united. It is also known as Saint Christopher and Nevis. The country consists of islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea to the east.

St. Kitts is the largest. The country's capital is Basseterre on St. Kitts. St. Kitti's is oval in shape while Nevis is surrounded by coral reefs. Most of the population is made of black people and two-thirds of the population is in rural areas. 

A little percentage of the population is mulatto, they are people that are mixed of white heritage and African. English is the official language and their religion is Christianity. 

They are one out of the smallest countries in the world by population, and they got their independence in 1983 from the United Kingdom. For children, from the age of five to sixteen, schooling is compulsory and education in the country is free. This decision might be easy for the country as they are among the smallest least populated countries in 2024. 

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7. Monaco                               

Monaco is on the list of the top smallest countries in the world as well as one of the least populated countries.
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Population: 39,701

Continent: Europe

The country is known for its lavish wealth, for this, it is also referred to as the "Billionaires' Playground. It is a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera situated in the Mediterranean Sea at the center of the resort region of the Côte d’Azur. 

It is one of the least populated and smallest countries in the world in 2024, yet it is widely known for it luxurious tourist resorts. About 32 percent of people living there are millionaires, that is about one in three people are millionaires. 

Their poverty rate is zero. There are 12,261 millionaires out of the population. From the principality's official statistics, over 75% of the population is foreign-born. 

Glamourous events like the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show are hosted yearly in this country. The percentage of police in the country is high as there is one police for 100 residents. The residents in this country have the highest life expectancy on earth which is 85.8 years.

6. Liechtenstein                         

Liechtenstein is part of the smallest countries in the world.
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Population: 38,307

Continent: Europe

It is a tiny European country, among the least populated smallest countries in the world in 2024. It is situated between Austria and Switzerland. Its capital is Vaduz. As small it is, it is Europe's second most visited country in the world. 

The country has zero debt and its per capita GDP is high being the second. The country is peaceful and there is little crime. German is their official language. 

Around 20% of the world's false teeth are manufactured there. The company in the country made about 60 million false teeth yearly. The biggest city here has 6,000 people in the population.

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5.  San Marino                                  

San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world.

Population: 34,047

Continent: Europe

San Marino is a small independent nation on the Adriatic side of central Italy, positioned in both the Emilia-Romagna and Marche districts, encircled by the Republic of Italy. So it is a country landlocked by Italy. 

Since they are encircled, to expand and for more people to occupy more regions is almost impossible. For this, it is on the list of the smallest countries in the world in 2024 by population. This has to influence how the country's official language which is Italian because the country is nearly engulfed by Italy. 

People from this country are known as Sammarinese. There is no restriction on how Italian move in and out of San Marino as it has open borders. Euro is their currency. They have temperate and mild climatic weather. It has a parliamentary government with 60 members.

4. Palau                                    

Palau is among the smallest countries in the world.
Image credit: Fugro

Population: 18,236

Continent: Oceania

It is a country in the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is made up of volcanic islands perched on the Kyushu-Palau Ridge and about 340 corals. In 1994, the country was independent but continue to receive support from the US. 

Women rule this country, they lead in important decisions including funerals, marriage, and inheritance. The country does not have soldiers as it lacks a military. 

The only prison present in this country is a tourist destination as inmates display their sophisticated carved wooded storyboards. There are about 5 million jellyfish in the land-locked marine lake. These beautiful jellyfishes swim while tracking the sun, they follow the sun's path. 

In addition, these jellyfish are non-stinging transparent jellyfish. People in this country are fat, in the world, they have the fattest populations. The country is as well, one of the smallest countries in the world in 2024 as they are the fourth-least populated country. 

3. Tuvalu                                

Tuvalu is one of the smallest countries in the world as well as one of the least populated countries.

Population: 12,035

Continent: Oceania

Many people around the world have not heard about this country before, it is unknown to many. In the 16th century, the islands were discovered by the Spanish. In the 19th century, Europeans settled in Tuvalu and intermarried with the locals. Peruvian "blackbirders," or slave traders, destroyed the population during this time. 

For this, the country is the 3rd among the smallest countries in the world in 2024 by population as it is least populated and yet to grow speedily since the enslavement era. The country is made up of 9 small scattered islands. 

It is previously known as Ellice Islands that is situated in the west-central Pacific Ocean. On the island of Nui, people speak Kiribati, while in other parts of the country, Samoan, English, and Tuvaluan are spoken. The major ethnicity of the country is Polynesian while others are Micronesian which is about only 4% of the population. 

Its governmental system is a parliamentary democracy. It has the smallest economy due to lack of natural resources and for its remote location. If you travel to this country, you will not be able to use credit cards, they operate only on cash. The entire country has a single hotel and restaurant. 

The domain extension (.tv) is used widely on the internet, is a source of revenue to the country. It helps in transforming the country's GDP which brings in millions annually. 

This money helps in providing scholarships and transforming the lives of its citizens. This country is also made of atolls and they are not above sea level. People can travel to this country without a visa. 

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2. Nauru                                

Nauru is one of smallest countries in the world and it is the second among the least populated countries.
Image credit:  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / Wikimedia 

Population: 10,936

Continent: Oceania

It is a southwestern Pacific Ocean island country. Situated in southeastern Micronesia and it is a raised coral island, positioned in the south of the equator. 

It is one of the least populated countries in the world as it is small. This makes the country the least, they are so small in numbers since there is little to no birth annually. 

It is the fattest country as 71% of the population is obese. This is because these people are predisposed genetically to gaining weight. 

The country is a pleasant place to be, around 200 people annually visit the Island which is encircled by coral reefs. So the place is excellent for diving and snorkeling. As small as the country is, it has a railway. 

There was a time, it was the richest country, due to the phosphate reserves, but they do not have the reserve anymore. English is widely spoken in the country, possibly because they are close to countries such as the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. 

In most homes, Nauruan which is the official language is spoken. This country is also among the countries with no army. 

If you live in this country, you will not pay tax, as the government relied on phosphate mines as the unemployed rate is about 90%. So the government depends on other sources of income and external assistance. 

1. Vatican City  (Holy See)          

Vatican City is the first among the smallest countries in the world and it also the first among the least populated countries.

Population: 804

Continent: Europe 

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world by population as it is the least populated country in 2024. It is an independent nation and Papacy is their governmental system. The country is entirely encircled by Rome, Italy. Vatican palace is where the pope lives within the city wall because it is the Roman Catholic Church seat. 

It has its own banking system, radio station, post office, and telephone system among others. But they import virtually everything, including water, food, gas, and electricity. This country's currency is the Vatican lira. The country depends mainly on contributions from billions of Roman Catholics around the world. 

The country does not have a prison, but cells and yet it has a high crime rate than other countries. People that are sentenced and convicted are sent to Italian prisons. Tourists are always advised to be on guard as there are lots of petty crimes committed in this country such as pickpocketing, purse snatching, and shoplifting. 

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