The Top 13 Amazing Things In Nature You Won't Believe Actually Exist

The top 13 amazing things in nature you won't believe actually exist.

The amazing things in nature are natural marvels around the world that you won't believe actually existed. The process in which the phenomenon occurs will astound you. 

From the amazing light pillars, giants Seaforest, to the blood falls that were a mystery to even scientists for years and more natural marvels that will take away your breath. 

Here are the top 13 amazing things in nature you won't believe actually exist, they are,

  • Blood Rain, India
  • Light pillars, Moscow
  • Great African Seaforest, South Africa
  • Ghost trees, Pakistan
  • The Dirty Thunderstorm, Japan
  • Bubblegum water (Lake Hillier), Australia
  • Eternal Flame Falls, New York, USA
  • Rainbow trees
  • Forest of Ice blades (Penitentes), Chile and Argentina
  • Blood Falls, Antarctica
  • Fire Falls (Horsetail Falls), USA
  • Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico
  • Cenotes, Mexico

Check out the fascinating pieces of information about them, their pictures, videos, and lots more. 

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1. Blood Rain, India        

Blood Rain in India is among the amazing things in nature.
Image credit: Mystery of India 

It is a rare amazing phenomenon. In the southern Indian state of Kerala, this blood rain fell in 2001. It happened for several weeks. The coloration of the rain is very thick that it colored and stain clothes. There have been historical records of blood rain as well. 

Flood of Blood Rain in India showing it is one of the amazing things in nature.
Image credit: Earth Science Stack Exchange

For example, it was mentioned in Homer's Iliad, an 8th Century document, and by Geoffrey of Monmouth, a 12th Century writer. In the 17th century, scientists began to explain the cause of blood rain. In the past, it was actually believed that the rain was blood. The term blood rain does not mean blood falling from the sky. 

Blood Rain in India is one of the amazing things in nature that stains clothes and other things.
 Rainwater sample (left), dried sediment (center), and after the particles settled (right).
Image credit: Vsasi at English Wikipedia

It is a phenomenon in which the rain that fell looks reddish in color. This is because the sands have been mixed with clouds in the sky and fall with the rain.  This happens when reddish color sands from the desserts are being carried up, mixed with the cloud, and then it falls with rain. 

This rain leaves a red thin layer of dust, which is seen to color clothes, garden furniture, cars, and houses. Similar colored rain has also been reported in other places, colored rains like black rains, brown, yellow, and even green. 

2. Light Pillars, Moscow    

One of the amazing things in nature is Light Pillars, Moscow.
Image credit: drkmatterinc / r/NatureIsFuckingLit / Reddit

These multicolored pillars of light adorn the nighttime skies. They can be bright yellow, white, blue, pink, gold, or orange, depending on the rays of light. They usually appear like pillars of lights below or above a light source. 

It is a rare phenomenon different from the northern lights. It is a crystal beam phenomenon. It happens when the sunrise and sunset. It is clearly seen when the sun is at the horizon or when the sun's intensity is low. 

It is one of the amazing things in nature that happened when the sunlight especially or sometimes the moonlight reflects on ice crystals that are falling, close to the horizontal parallel planar surfaces. 

For this, it is also referred to as solar pillars, sun pillars, or rising of the moonlight. It is like a mirror effect in which the crystal reflects different colors of lights up and down when light is shone on the crystals. 

3. Great African Seaforest, South Africa 

Among the amazing things in nature is the Great African Seaforest, South Africa.
Image credit: Sea Change Project

This sea forest is certainly one of the amazing things in nature. It is a forest of kelp plants and about 14,000 different plants are there. Some kelp plants in this forest can grow to a height of 150 feet from the oceanic floor. 

It is like a dense forest, on land but this is in water. They grow very well in this ocean which is part of South Africa because the region has cold temperatures with clear water. It is the world's only forest of enormous bamboo kelp, ranging over 1000 kilometers northwards from Cape Town in South Africa to Namibia's coast. 

The Seaforest is also home to invertebrates, lots of fishes, and many other marine creatures. This forest was featured in the 2020 Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher.

4. Ghost trees, Pakistan   

Ghost trees in Pakistan is among the amazing things in nature.
Image credit: Emirates247

As we can see from the picture above, it is an absolutely unique phenomenon among the amazing things in nature in the world today. Actually, the trees have this shape as a result of flooding. Due to flooding, millions of spiders climb to the remaining trees around to get safe. 

It took a very long time for the flood to recede, so the spiders makes a lot of cocoons on the trees. The huge cocoons they built on the tree help them to continue living. This is because it is what they use in catching their prey and to be able to continue to live. 

The locals around benefit from these ghost trees. In the area, the number of mosquitoes suddenly dropped, and with this, there are fewer issues about malaria. These amazing ghost trees are a blessing to them as half of the area is covered with water that often breeds mosquitos. 

5. The Dirty Thunderstorm, Japan  

It is a unique spectacle that results from the volcanic eruption of the Sakurajima Volcano in Japan. Sakurajima has been erupting several times, and when it does, it is usually violent. Its eruption usually includes volcanic lightning amid thick smoke called dirty thunderstorms, ash plumes, and lava are ejected into the air that can reach up to about 3 miles. 

It is one of the amazing things in nature even though how the whole process come about is still unclear to scientists. This is because other volcanic eruptions do not include lightning. 

More to its thunderstorm is also lava bombs at top of the volcano that results in lava descending on its sides. It erupted many times in 2016 and it is still active today, it is the most active volcano in Japan. The major eruption happen in 1914 when lava flows into it from larger islands. 

6. Bubblegum Water (Lake Hillier), Australia  

Another amazing thing nature marvel us is the Bubblegum Water (Lake Hillier), Australia.
Image credit: Aussie Oc / Wikimedia Commons 

It is a lake with naturally pink water. If you take some of the water out from the lake and put it in a clear glass, the water will still be pink. It is one of the amazing things in nature caused by algae and salt in the lake. 

The lake is highly salty, it is almost ten times saltier than the oceans, which means its saltiness is about 30%, very close to the salinity of the Dead Sea whose salinity is about 34 %.  It is located in Recherche Archipelago, on one of its islands, which is in the Southwestern part of Australia. 

It is a big lake whose width is 250 m (800 feet) and it is 600 meters (2000 feet) in length. It is unknown until 1802 when it was discovered by a British explorer at the time he summits a mountain and saw it from far. Moreover, Dunaliella salina is the algae that live in the lake, it is reddish in color and favors salty water. 

The saltiness of the lake as well as the algae preferring high salty water results in this rare spectacular phenomenon. It is safe to swim in the lake even though you may float in it, because of its salinity, but I know you will not like to drink this high salty algae water.

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7. Eternal Flame Falls, New York, USA  

One of the amazing things in nature is Eternal Flame Falls, New York, USA.
Image credit: Mpmajewski

At this fall is a constant burning of a flame of fire, right beside the waterfall. The fire keeps burning throughout the year despite being beside a waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is a small grotto which is the source of natural gas for the fire. 

Natural gas is majorly made up of ethane and propane. Production of these gases is a result of geological processes in which molecules of large carbon in the rock are broken down into natural gas. Normally, this process requires a very high temperature, but as for the rocks on this fall, the temperature is just amazingly warm. 

For this, scientists believed catalysts may also be involved in the process. Rhinestreet Shale, which is about 400 meters below the surface of the flame is said to be the source of natural gas as studied by Geologists from Indiana University Bloomington in 2013. 

8. Rainbow Trees        

Rainbow Trees is one of the amazing things in nature.
Image credit: Paxson Woelber 

It is also known as rainbow gums and Mindanao gum. It is a colorful tree with broad leaves and white flowers. It can be found mainly in the northern hemisphere, in countries like the US, Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. They are Eucalyptus trees that are colorful when they shed their bark. 

While walking through the forests you may think these trees are some art installation. The inner layer of the tree is neon green, as it exposes to the air and as time goes by, it changes color revealing different kinds of colors such as purple, pink, blue, oranges, and red. 

Rainbow Trees are beautiful trees among the most amazing things in nature.
Image credit: *amelia* /Wikimedia Commons 

Certainly, it can be classified among the amazing things in nature, that it is like a multi-colored painting drawing on a tree's body. In the United States, it can be found in frost-free climates places like Florida, Texas, and California. Apart from its beauty, it is of commercial value as well. The thin layer of this tree's bark is an excellent source of pulpwood used in white paper making.


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9. Forest of Ice Blades (Penitentes), Argentina  

Among the most amazing things in nature is Forest of Ice Blades (Penitentes), Argentina.
Image credit: dream / Flickr 

This phenomenon is also referred to as Nieves Penitentes. It is called this name because the ice spikes look like many people kneeling down doing penance in a field of penitentes. It is absolutely one of the amazing things in nature. Some people believed they are formed by a strong wind, but that is not true.

It is formed as a result of a process known as sublimation. When rays of sunlight shone on the snow, instead of the snow melting into water, it turns directly into water vapor. This causes the snow surface to form depressions since their sublimation is not uniform. 

Giant Ice Blades (Penitentes), Argentina is one out of the amazing things in nature.
Image credit: twiga269 ॐ FEMEN / Flickr 

The curving surfaces absorb light and it accelerates sublimation in the depressions, revealing the taller spots as forests of towering spikes. The spectacular ice blade can be tall as several meters in height. They are in the direction of the sun. In the Andes mountain located between Chile and Argentina, this spectacular thing is mostly seen that it can cover a space of 4,000 meters. 

10. Blood Falls, Antarctica      

One of the amazing things in nature is Blood Falls, Antarctica.
Image credit: National Science Foundation/Peter Rejcek

This fall is one of the rarest sights in the world. The fall looks like a waterfall of blood from Taylor Glacier into Lake Bonney. The fall was discovered in 1911 by Griffith Taylor and since then it has been a mystery to people for many years how the colored fall came about is unknown. 

Not until recent details at which the fall which is one of the most amazing things in nature formed is known. It was previously believed that the red coloration is due to algae, but recent research by the University of Alaska Fairbanks shows that the deep red coloration is caused by brine saltwater and oxidized iron. 

Just like rusted iron is dark red in color. So also the water becomes red at the moment the water comes in contact with oxygen in the air. The saltwater containing iron change to red because the iron in it oxidizes to iron oxides.

11. Fire Falls (Horsetail Falls), USA   

This fall brings about a phenomenon that is one of the amazing things in nature that rarely happens. Around the second week in February, this astounding phenomenon happens. At the time of the sunset with a clear western sky, the sun's rays hit the fall at the right angle, this reaches the upper side of the fall and illuminates. 

As the sun sets, it glows red and orange having the sight of a fire, hence the name, fire falls. The fall is found in California, at the Yosemite National Park. It drops from El Capitan's east side, which is the world's largest exposure of granite monolith. 

Fire Falls is one out of the amazing things in nature.
Image credit: Scfry

The fall is seasonal, it only flows in early spring and winter. It falls side by side by dividing into two streams. One of the drops at the western part drops at feet of 1,570 (480 meters) and the second at 1,540 feet (470 meters). 

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12. Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico  

Among the amazing things in nature is Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico.
Image credit:  Alexander Van Driessche 

The cave of the giant crystal which is a natural marvel is located in Naica Chihuahua in Mexico. It is a three co-joined cave with one being the largest. It was discovered by Industrias Peñoles miners in April 2000. 

The main chamber of the cave has giant crystals, there is no other place on earth where this large crystal can be found, it has the largest natural crystal on earth. These selenite are so massive that humans look very small beside them. The tallest among the crystal weighs 55 tonnes and it is 36 feet (11 meters) tall. 

The giant crystals are tons of weight and they cover an area of 13 feet (4 meters) in diameter and it is 39 feet (12 meters) long. The cave is not easy to access and it is extremely hot, that its temperature can be 136°F (58°C) and its humidity can be between 90 to 99 %. 

It is believed by scientists that the selenite crystal is formed as a result of water-rich in gypsum minerals. This water is heated over thousands of years and it became the translucent selenite crystals in the cave we see today. 

13. Cenotes, Mexico      

Cenotes, Mexico is among the amazing things in nature.
Image credit: Son of Groucho

The picture above is an underground natural spring called a cenote. It is a sinkhole or natural pit that is form when groundwater beneath limestone bedrock is exposed by collapsing. There are several cenotes in Mexico such as those at Chichén Itzá. 

They are very large that they measure tens of meters in breadth. Some have been measured to reach 62 miles (100 km) long. They contain clear water, the water in it is flows of underground water filtering into it. 

Cenotes attract thousands of cave dives each year. Are you a cave diver? It will be a unique experience to dive into one of these cenotes as it is one of the amazing things in nature you may not know that it ever existed. 

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