The Top 5 Steps To Lengthen Your Cat’s Lifespan

The Top 5 Steps To Lengthen Your Cat’s Lifespan

Everyone want to be with their cats forever, sadly that is not possible.  However, the length of years they can be with us can be increased. Though it is true that cats live an average of 10-15 years, which is a long time for a domesticated animal, we still want them to live longer. 

Much like humans, cats can live longer lives if they are maintaining an ideal weight, eating good quality food, and staying updated on their vaccines. 

But there’s also other things we can do to ensure our cats are living their longest, best lives. And it doesn’t require a lot of extra money. 

Doing these five steps will not only add years to your cat’s life, but will also make their current days a little bit better. 

1. Provide Them With A Balanced Diet  

Provide them with a Balanced Diet is one of the ways to increase cats lifespan.

Veterinarians often suggest giving your cats a combo of wet and dry food. Wet food is important, because cats often don’t drink enough water, so this is an additional way to provide moisture in their diet. 

If cats don’t stay well hydrated, they are at risk of developing kidney disease, which can shorten lifespan significantly. 

When feeding wet and dry food, you’ll also want to make sure that the brand is rated highly, and that a protein source is listed as one of the top ingredients. Because cats are carnivores, they need to eat a diet based primarily on meat. 

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2. Take Them To The Vet Regularly  

One way to lengthen cat's lifespan is to take them to the vet regularly.

Annual physical exams are important not just for humans, but also for our feline friends. It’s at these appointments that your cat will receive blood work that looks out for chronic and acute conditions. 

Catching any disease early is the key to a better outcome, so staying on top of these tests is ideal. You’ll want to make sure your vet also checks their vital signs, including their heart and lungs, as this will also paint a picture of your cat’s health. 

They will weigh your cat as well, which can reveal if they’re under or overweight, and allow you to treat them accordingly. 

3. Make Sure Vaccinations Are Up To Date  

Make Sure Vaccinations Are Up To Date is among the ways cat lifespan can be increased.
Image credit: Nadiye-Odabaşı / Pixabay 

Cats need vaccinations on a regular basis. Typically, the core vaccinations will be given at the beginning of a cat’s life, and then updated regularly with boosters. 

Not vaccinating your cat can lead to some pretty dire outcomes, especially if they spend any time outdoors. Keeping up on their vaccines is a super easy way to elongate their lives. 

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4. Keep Them Indoors       

Keep Them Indoors helps lengthens the lifespan of cats.

Outdoor cats live only a few years, on average. There are so many dangers that they can get into outside. From cars to diseases and cat fights, outside is a dangerous place for our felines to be. 

If you do want your cats to spend time outside, it’s best to do this with them on a leash while you supervise. That way, they’re kept out of harm’s way but still get to enjoy fresh air. 

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5. Treat Hairballs                  

Treating Hairballs is one of the ways to lengthen cat's lifespan.

Hairballs are a normal part of a cat’s life, but they can wreak havoc on their digestive system if it’s not controlled properly. If you find that your cat is vomiting frequently, it’s probably because there’s a lot of hair stuck in their belly. 

Veterinarians recommend providing a flavored laxative or cat food specifically for hairball prevention when hairballs are getting out of control. 

You can also brush your cat’s fur regularly, which will lessen their shedding and thus reduce hairball formation. 

Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your cat around for the long-haul! Please share this article and follow us at our social media handles for new updates. Thank you.


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