The Top 15 World's Cheapest Cars 2024 (New Cars)

The cheapest cars in the world (New Cars) in 2024.

The cheapest cars in the world in 2024 are new cars that will help you to save a lot of money and they are easy to maintain. These cars are cost-effective as you will have a car for less than most automobiles cost for a year of ownership. 

These cars will be a game changer because it will force other automakers to develop less expensive automobiles. Even though when you buy any of these cars, you get what you pay for.


These are the pocket friendly vehicle, that is, the top 15 world’s cheapest cars 2024, they are,

Check out their price, their specification, and lots more. 

Keep reading! 



1. Tata Nano                             

Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world.
Photo credit: Nikkul / Wikimedia Commons

Price: $3,243

Length: 3,099 mm (122.0 inches)

Height: 1,390 mm (54.7 inches)

Breath: 1,390 mm (54.7 inches)

Manufacturer: Tata Motors

Interior space: 4 seats

Boot capacity: 110 Liters (3.88 cubic foot)

It is made by the popular Indian automaker, Tata Motors and at the time of release, it was sold for the price of $2,000. But presently, it is now sold at the price mentioned above

It is the cheapest car in the world in 2024 under $10,000. This car is cheap because less material is use compare to other cars. It is one of the cars loved by riders of scooters and motorcycles. 

A number of 250,000 of this car are being produced annually.  The downside of this car is that, the crash tests results are bad, meaning it is not a safe car as there are missing materials like airbags that gives more protection if it involves in collision.


2. Suzuki Celerio                    

Suzuki Celerio is the second among the cheapest cars in the world.
Image credit: Vauxford

Price: $ 8,956 (2022), $9,189 (2023)

Length: 3600 mm (141.7 inches)

Height: 1560 mm (61.4 inches)

Breath: 1600 mm (63 inches)

Model: 2022, 2023

Manufacturer: Suzuki

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 254 liters (8.97 cubic foot)

It is made in Japan and it is a subcompact hatchback. Suzuki Celerio was launched in 2015, but the latest one, 2022 model was launched in May 6, 2022. While the 2023 version released date will soon be announced. It is one of the cheapest new cars to maintain under the price of $10,000. 

It is available colors include, Star Silver Metallic, Raspberry Pink, Cerulean Blue, Ablaze Red Pearl, Mineral Grey Metallic, Sunshine Yellow. It has some features such as Seat belt warning, Anti-lock braking, Electric Folding Mirror, Rear Camera and more. 

It also has a WebLink connectivity with a 7-inch Sony touchscreen infotainment system. For safety, it has features such as reverse parking sensors as standard, Stability control, ABS with EBD, two SRS airbags, and its body is made from high-tensile steel in accordance with the with all global crash safety regulations.


3. Geely X1 Mini Ev                   

Geely X1 Mini Ev is one out of the cheapest cars in the world you can buy.
Image credit:

Price: $11,848

Length: 3,778 mm (148.7 inches)

Height: 1,519 mm (59.8 inches)                                         

Breath: 1,663 mm (65.5 inches)

Model: 2018 X1 Mini EV

Manufacturer: Geely

Interior space: 4 seats

Boot capacity: -

It is a five door mini compact SUV, produced by the Geely, the Chinese automaker. So it is the cheapest 2024 SUV you can have even though it's price is slightly above $10,000. In May 2018, the car was launched to Auto market. It has a top speed of 69 mph (110 km/h). 

It is an electric car with a 22 kWh battery that weigh 2300 kg. The battery is capable of 155 km / 97 miles (NEDC). The battery can charge within 30 minutes using 50 kW on public charging location 103 km. 

While using a home plug-in charger 29 km, it takes 5 hours. And using a home plug-in charger 10 km, it takes 100 hours from 20-80%.


4. Dacia Sandero                  

Dacia Sandero is one of the cheapest new cars in the world that you can have.
Image credit: Vauxford

Price: $ 13,356

Length: 1848 mm (72.8 inches)

Height: 1499 mm (59.0 inches)

Breath: 1848 mm (72.8 inches)

Interior space: 5 seats

Manufacturer: Renault and its Romanian subsidiary, Dacia

Boot capacity: 328 Liters (11.58 cubic foot)

Since 1999, Dacia became among the Romanian automaker, Groupe Renault. It is one of the cheapest cars in the world in 2024 even though it is available to the France, European countries and South Africa. 

The supermini car is cheap because its development costs are low; it is actually built to be cheap. It has simple design, in which it does not have some features like air condition, power windows, power windows, power steering. 

The car is made in Romania where payment level is low, this may also account for its cheap price. It is a basic car loved by many, you may also considered having one as it is also reported that it is reliable. 


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5. Chevrolet Spark                    

Among the cheapest cars in the world is Chevrolet Spark
Image credit:

Price: $13,600

Length: 3634.74mm (143.1 inches)

Height: 1493.52mm (58.8 inches)

Breath: 1595.12mm (62.8 inches) without mirrors

Model: 2022 Chevrolet Spark

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Interior space: 4 seats

Boot capacity: 170 liters (6 cubic foot)

It is a comfortable car for daily driving; its fuel conservation is incredible. Here are many reasons this car is so cheap. First reason is that, the materials used are cheap, it can disintegrate quickly. 

For this, the used car available for sale is not common. Second, the small size account for the prize, as it is small for some people. Yet, its small size is advantage for city dwellers as it can fit to tight place. Its safety features is low as well as its speed. 


6. Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback     

One out of the cheapest cars in the world is Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback.
Image credit:

Price: $14,645

Length: 3845.56mm (151.4 inches)

Height: 1508.76 mm (59.4 inches)

Breath: 1666.24 mm (65.6 inches)

Model: 2022

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 170 liters (6 cubic foot)

When it comes to fuel economy, this car is good at that. Due to its size, it is easy to park and its boot capacity is nice. Even at these advantages, it is among the cheapest cars in the world. 

Only that if you like a fast car, it might not be ideal as its acceleration is very slow and its engine which is 78-hp three-cylinder makes the car to be underpowered. 

You can buy the 2024 Mirage hatchback at the starting price of $16,245 and the top SE model at a cost of $18,145. 


7.   Nissan Versa                           

Nissan Versa is an appealing car on the list of the cheapest cars in the world.
Image credit:

Price: $15,080

Length: 4495.8mm (177 inches)

Height: 1739.9mm (68.5 inches)

Breath: 1455.42mm (57.3 inches)

Manufacturer: Nissan

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 416.26 liters (14.7 cubic foot)

It is one of the cheapest cars in the world in 2024. It is spacious and compact, very good for its price. This car offers anyone driving it with fuel efficient performance. It has 1.6L 4-cylinder engine as well as the recent features in assisting drivers. 

For example, if a pedestrian is detected or a car appears in front of the car, the car will brake without the driver doing so; this is because it has an automatic emergency braking. This helps drivers to enjoy their riding without experiencing fatigue.

Nissan has yet to reveal the 2023 model price, hopefully it will be around $16,000 to $17,000.


8. Toyota Yaris L                      

Among the cheapest cars in the world is Toyota Yaris L.
Image credit: Ccarprice

Price: From $15,650 to $18,750

Length: 4348.48mm (171.2 inches)

Height: 1485.9mm (58.5 inches)

Breath: 1694.18mm (66.7 inches)

Model: 2020

Manufacturer: Toyota

Interior space: 5 seats

 Boot capacity:   286 liters (10.1 cubic foot)

It has a sporty handling that has a good rank among the subcompact car class as well as among the cheapest cars in the world in 2024. Although its acceleration is slow. The car is available in both hatchback and sedan styles. 

It has a user-friendly infotainment technology and there's decent seating space. It has a six-speed manual transmission and a 106-horsepower engine. It has standard safety features such as daytime running lights, forward automatic emergency braking, low-speed forward collision warning, and a rearview camera. 

Its info entertainments includes, two USB ports, HD Radio, satellite radio, a six-speaker stereo, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a 7-inch touch screen. 

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9. Kia Rio                                

Kia Rio is a good car on the list of the cheapest cars in the world.
Image credit:

Price: $16,050

Length: 4384.04mm (172.6 inches)

Height: 1450.34mm (57.1 inches)

Breath: 1724.66mm (67.9 inches) without mirrors

Model: 2021

Manufacturer: Kia

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 387.9 Liters (13.7 cubic foot)

It is the most affordable and the smallest subcompact car made by Kia. Depending on your choice, it is available in hatchback and sedan. Even though the price of the car is less expensive, the car does not feel cheap. 

It is one of the best cheapest cars in 2024. It has safety elements; its exterior and interior are nice. Its fuel economy is rated well and its engine specifications give drivers pleasant experience. 


10. Honda Fit                            

Honda Fit is one of the cheapest cars in the world because it is pocket friendly.

Price: Between $16,190 and $20,520

Length: 4099 mm (161.3 inches)

Height: 1524 mm (60 Inches)

Breath: 1702 mm (67 inches)

 Model: 2022

Manufacturer: Honda

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 470 Liters (16.6 cubic foot)

Its fuel economy is remarkable and it is a small hatchback with lots of benefits. It comes in four trims and they all have the same 1.5L inline 4 engine making 128 hp and 113 lb-ft of torque with either a 6-speed manual or a CVT. 

Its features includes, Centre Console Armrest, Foldable Rear Seat, Multi-function Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Accessory Power Outlet, Automatic Headlamps, and lots more. 


11. Hyundai Accent SE              

One of the cheapest cars in the world is Hyundai Accent SE.
Image credit: Edmunds 

Price: $16,645

Length: 4384.04mm (172.6 inches)

Height: 1450.34mm (57.1 inches)

Breath: 1729.74mm (68.1 inches)

Model: 2022

Manufacturer: Hyundai

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 387.9 liters (13.7 cubic foot)

Hyundai Accent SE and Kia Rio almost have the same dimension. It is a subcompact car that has a quite impressive cabin and very comfortable for its drivers despite its price. 

Additionally, it is a vehicle that looks appealing both inside and outside. Even though it might not offer a lot with regards to technology, but it has good reputation. Its cabin is spacious that it is comfortable for 5 passengers. 

Its fuel tank capacity is 11.9-gallons telling us that it is fuel efficient as well with its small inline-4 motor copulated to the CVT automatic transmission, yes it is. It has standard safety features such as tire pressure monitoring system, backup camera, stability control, traction control, airbags, and ABS.

12. Volkswagen Up                 

Volkswagen Up is one the list of the cheapest cars in the world.
Image credit: M 93 / Wikimedia Commons 

Price: $ 17,250

Length: 3599.9mm (141.73 inches)

Height: 1503.9mm (59.21 inches)

Breath: 1641mm (64.61) inches

Model: 2017 to present

Manufacturer: Volkswagen

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 251 liters (8.86 cubic foot)

It is Volkswagen cheapest model but still has some degrees of high quality. The car can be easily maneuvered because of its small hatchback size. 

Drivers and passengers get comfy in this car do it is situated for its price as one of the cheapest cars in the world in 2024. The boot is so spacious that it can occupy a large suitcase or a baby buggy. It is one of the best city cars since 2011.



13. Citroën C1                        

One of the cheapest cars in the world you can buy is Citroën C1.
Image credit: Vauxford

Price: $ 17,342

Length: 136.4 inches (3465 mm)

Height: 57.5 inches (1461 mm)

Breath: 63.6 inches (1615 mm)

Model: 2014 – Present

Manufacturer: Citroën

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 196 liters (6.92 cubic foot)

The car has a large cabin but its wheelbase is very short, 92.1 inches (2.3 m) with this, it cannot accommodate too much. The car can be changed to a top-cabriolet because it has a soft roof. 

The screen can be monitored on smartphone; the screen as well can be used for rearview camera. It has the same number of gears according to the automated gearbox. And it has a 5-speed manual trammission mated between 68 and 82 hp engines. So its powertrains is somehow low. 

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14. 2023 MG MG3 CORE              

2022 MG MG3 Core is one of the cheapest cars in the world today.
Image credit:

Price: $17,490

Length: 4055mm (159.6 inches)

Height: 1504mm (59.2 inches)

Breath: 1729mm (68.1 inches)

Manufacturer: MG Motor (Nanjing/SAIC)

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 307 Litres

This car was release in January this year and it is a front-wheel drive hatchback drive. The car is powered by a 1.5L INLINE 4 engine. It is comfortable for 5 people. It is an the cheapest electric car in 2024 as well as one of the cheapest cars in the world in 2024. 

It has Cornering Brake Control (CBC), camera-based autonomous braking technology and 6 airbags. Its infotainment OS have Apple and Android phone projection and it has speed-related volume control. Its cabin looks lovely as it has ranges of colors and textures.




15. Subaru Impreza                      

Subaru Impreza  is part of the cheapest cars in the world.
Image credit: Edmunds

Price: $18,795

Length: 4625.34mm (182.1 inches)

Height: 2016.76mm (79.4 inches)

Breath: 2016.76mm (79.4 inches)

Manufacturer: Subaru

Interior space: 5 seats

Boot capacity: 348.3 liters (12.3 cubic foot) 

This 2022 model car of Subaru has a top-of-the-line Limited trim only available in hatchback. It has many standard features such as heated front seats, steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters, and the ones that assist drivers such as lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. 

Its infotainment system is enhanced with integrated smartphone apps, an extra USB port, and SiriusXM satellite radio. The car is confortable to ride and its handling. Impreza with the CVT economizes fuel consumption.





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    1. They are cheap cars actually, but with the price, there are more cheap ones on the list. Thanks for your comment and for reading about the cheapest cars!


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