The Top 10 World's Most Dangerous Dog Breeds 2024 (+ Pictures)

The top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world in 2024.

The most dangerous dog breeds in the world in 2024 are dogs that many still own today. Dogs are generally friendly, loyal and protective to humans. There are many benefits to owning a dog. 

Dogs can help you emotionally, they makes their owner feel less lonely and less stressed. They provide health benefits to their owners as well, for example, if you own a dog, you will be forced to exercise. Also, research shows dogs can  detect early signs of cancer, if owners pay attention.

However, dogs can be dangerous. The way dogs are treated can be accountable for how calm or aggressive and dangerous they will be. Many people are victims of dog bites, many have been physically injured, some people’s bodies are deformed and others have died from dog attacks. 

Some breeds are considered to be safe. Not dangerous no matter their conditions. Yet, they can be dangerous, if not vaccinated, they can infect people and other dogs around them with infections, such as rabies. 

Reports show that large dogs can be more dangerous when they launch attacks because they cannot be easily fended off. Also, the power and the bite force use in attacking makes them more dangerous. While small dogs are less dangerous due to the fact that they can easily fend off. 

There are some breeds that are created to protect and to hunt. Yet, they can be safe to families if such breeds are well cared for and trained properly. If not, they can become aggressive and dangerous. 

There are some breeds that are not predictable, those dogs can be dangerous no matter the training given.

Here are the top 10 World's Most Dangerous Dog Breeds 2024 (+ Pictures) you need to take cautions with, and they are, 

  • Pit Bull-World's most dangerous dog
  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepard
  • Perro de Presa Canario
  • Wolfdog
  • Tosa Inu
  • Siberia Husky
  • Chow Chow
  • Boxer
  • Kangal

Check out how dangerous these dogs can be, learn about their facts and at the end of this article are safety tips that can help either you own these dogs or not. 

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The Kangals dogs on the list of most dangerous dogs in the world.
Image credit: Ozden Nasif/Getty Image  

Kangals are large, beautiful, fast, smart, fearless, and powerful dogs from Turkey. They are also named as the Turkish Kangal dog or Karabash. They have thick furs that protect them from predator's bite. They are very fast; they can run for 50 kilometers per hour (30 miles per hour).  

They are used for protecting herds in Namibia and South Africa as they ward off cheetahs. They like to work in pairs as guardian dogs. Kangals are well known for killing wolves and bears. Kangal is one of the most dangerous dogs in the world in 2024 due to its bite force. 

Among all other dangerous dogs, it has the highest bite force which is over 700 PSI (pound-force per square inch) while pit bull bite force is 235 PSI and Lion bite force is around 600 PSI.  Yet, they are friendly to humans and they are predictable. 

On duty, they are dangerous that makes them good guardian dogs. There have been reports of these breeds attacking people possibly because the dogs have been involved in dog fights and illegal sport. They are legal to own but in some countries like U.K and Canada, there are restrictions to owning them.

 9. Boxer                                 

The Boxers are ninth among the most dangerous dogs in the world.

Boxers are energetic dogs’ mix of English bulldog and Bullenbeisser.  The bred was bred in Germany in the 1800s and became popular in the early 19th century. Historically, boxers are used for dogfighting. Boxers are playful and safe as family pets.

 Yet, they can be aggressive and dangerous when poorly bred or untrained. Their energetic characteristics, muscular body figure, powerful bite, and desire to hurt can make them aggressive. 

There have been reports of boxer engaging in fatal dog bites. Children specifically are the most victims of boxer’s bite. Spain's Government declares boxers as one of  the dangerous dogs in the world and they have been banned there. Other countries such as Ukraine have restrictions on its ownership.

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 8.Chow Chow                        

Chow chow is an ancient Chinese breed of dogs and among the most dangerous dogs in the world.
Image credit: Pixabay

Chow chow is an ancient Chinese breed of dogs. They usually pick one person as their owner, while others in the family are secondary to them. They will do all they can to protect their owners and this makes them aggressive and dangerous. They are not sociable dogs and are highly territorials. 

They tend to be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. Unlike other breeds of dogs, they do not crave the attention of their owners, unless they feel to do so and it won’t last for long. Despite this, if they are still neglected or mistreated they can become dangerous as they are one of the most dangerous dogs in the world in 2024. 

Dog Experts recommended early training as a puppy to be more friendly. Spending time with them and showing love to them is very important. Experts also advise new owners without experience not to adopt Chow chow as their first dog, until they are experienced.  

Because mistake in raising Chow chow as a puppy can lead to dangerous implication when they grow up. They are banned in some parts of the United States. From 1979 to 1988, among 238 dog bite fatalities that were reported, Chow chow was responsible for 8 deaths.

 7. Siberia Husky                      

The Siberia Huskies as the no 5. Among most dangerous dogs in the world.
Image credit: Arnaud Mariat/Unsplash

Siberia Huskies are energetic dogs. They are used for pulling loads over a long distance during harsh weather. They are friendly and many pet blogs say they are safe as pets. But they can be potentially dangerous to as shown by statistics. 

There is lots of news showing many have been victims of huskies attacks, many have been bodily harmed. According to, between 2005 to 2017, they are responsible for 3% of death resulting from dog bites in the United States. Their bite is very dangerous and strong to the point that a single bite can break a small bone and tear flesh.

 6.  Tosa Inu                              

Tosa Inu is popularly known as The Tosa, Japanese Mastiff are among the most dangerous dogs in the world

Tosa Inu is popularly known as The Tosa, Japanese Fighting Dog, Japanese Mastiff, and Tosa-Ken. The word ‘Inu’ in Japanese means dog. The breed is known to the Japanese for over 1000 years and they are very proud of it. In Japan, the dogs engaged in sport, and the best among them are celebrated. 

They are confident giant dogs bred from bulldog and mastiff. Unlike other dogs, they fight silently. They are the most dangerous dogs in Japan and among the most dangerous dogs in the world. Children are the most vulnerable victim to them. Parents should be watchful while children are playing with The Tosa. 

They are intelligent and stubborn. Owners are advised to train them from the first day as puppies because they are stubborn. It is necessary for the dogs’ owners to spend time with them to raise less dangerous dogs. 

The Tosa owners are also advised not to have another pet around them because they will see other pets as prey. The Tosa has a history of dogfighting and blood sport. They have been banned in France, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and 12 other countries.

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 5.  Wolfdog                             

Wolf dogs are among the most dangerous dogs in the world.
Image credit: Brittany Alen via Shy Wolf Sanctuary/Facebook 

Wolf dogs as the name implies are dogs that are partly wolves and partly dogs. Many own these dogs with the mind they are dulled-downed wolves, that they are safe when brought home young. Most times children are the victims of wolf-dog. 

They are dangerous because they are not predictable. Wolves and dogs don’t have the same growth rate; they get mature at different times. They may display traits from both animals, sometimes from dog traits, and sometimes displaying more of wolf characteristics. They are more wolves than dogs.  

From statistics, they are among the most dangerous dogs in the world with fatal bites with 12 deaths per decade. Research shows that there is no amount of socialization you have with them that can make them safe as a pet. They can launch attacks on both humans and other animals. 

Despite this, they are very popular because of how they are being displayed in movies. Wolf dogs are banned in forty states in the United State of America to keep citizens safe in case they display their wolf’s trait.

 4.Perro de Presa Canario                   

Perro de Presa Canario simply called Canary Mastiff, Presa Canario or Presa are among the most dangerous dogs in the world.
Image credit: presacanario_worldwide

Perro de Presa Canario simply called Canary Mastiff, Presa Canario or Presa are energetic dogs. They are originally from the Spanish coast, Canary Island. They are guard dogs, mostly cattle. They have been seen to successfully attack wild animals on farms.  

Historically, from the puppy, they are exposed to violence. Their physical appearance alone and the history behind them cause people to fear these dogs. They are known for attacks.  

From a study conducted for 32 years,  1982 to 2014, 18 people died from the Presa attack. 111 people’s bodies were injured and 63 people’s bodies were disfigured permanently. They are the fourth breeds of dogs to be reported for dog bites.  

If not properly trained, people and other animals around them are in danger because they are aggressive by nature and their prey instinct. They are among the most dangerous dogs in the world in 2024. 

When they launch an attack to ward them off is tough and their bite is deadly. Owning Presa Canario dogs are restricted in Ukraine, Romania, Malaysia, and Singapore.  While they are banned in some parts of the United States, banned in New Zealand, and five other countries

 3.  German Shepard                 

German Shepard dogs also known as Alsatian are powerful, most dangerous dogs in the world.
Image credit: ericletendre

German Shepard dogs also known as Alsatian are powerful, intelligent, and have a high sense of smell. It is the second most popular dog in the United States and the most popular in the world. 

They are often used as police dogs to detect bombs and as rescue dogs. German Shepard dogs are friendly, calm, and protective of their owners. But if not trained properly, they can be aggressive and dangerous even to their family. 

They have a strong bite force. They have aggressive traits toward other dogs. German shepherds owners are advised to keep their dogs at a distance from people and other dogs. Nevertheless, owners are encouraged not to isolate them; they should be familiar with family members. 

They are among the most dangerous dogs in the world; they can easily be aggressive and attack unexpectedly. Attacks from German shepherds can cause serious injuries such as scarring, infections, punctures, crushed bones, and death. 

In 2017 reports about dog bites, German Shepherds are accountable for 10% of fatal dog bites. They are banned in Ukraine, Bermuda, the Maldives, and Belarus. They are been restricted in Ireland, UAE, Romania, Malaysia, Singapore, and Iceland.

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 2.  Rottweiler                                 

Rottweilers are large dogs also called as killer dogs, they are the second most dangerous dogs in the world..

Rottweilers are large strong dogs that are also referred to as killer dogs. As the name implies, they have the potential to kill, even humans. They are responsible for the death of 52 Americans from 2005 to 2019. They are well known for their attacks on humans, causing injuries. 

Yet, they are wonderful dogs, if you have time for them. Rottweiler likes to get attention from its owner. If they do not get the needed attention, they may misbehave. Before owning these kinds of breeds, it is important to understand how to handle them, because children and the elderly can be in danger. 

Rottweilers are instinctively protective and also, they are territorials. This accounts for their extreme way of protecting and defending. With this, they are the second most dangerous dogs in the world in 2024. They are dangerous to strangers that they may see as a threat. 

In many countries, such as Singapore, Romania, Ireland, there are restrictions to owning a Rottweiler. For other countries like the Bermuda Islands and Ecuador, they have been banned.

 1.  Pit Bull-World's Most Dangerous  Dog      

Image credit: bossykennels

Pit bull dogs are dogs from a mixed breed of bulldogs and terriers. When properly trained and socialize, they are found to have affectionate love for people. They are very strong, powerful dogs. 

One quality that makes them unique among other dogs is their pertinacity. Whatever they determine to do, they use all their power to achieve it. One has to be very careful with this kind of dog, if it should attack, it will use all its power to attack, we know that will means a lot of damage. 

For these reasons, owners are advised to have enough energy needed to be in control of this breed and be vigilant. They are aggressive and dangerous naturally due to the fact that they are primarily bred to attack other dogs. So, what do we expect from this kind of dog? 

Moreover, pitbull dogs are not predictable. They may be playful to other dogs right now, suddenly they may change. After fighting they may be seen cleaning the wounds of the dog they’ve attacked. 

They are the first on this list of most dangerous dogs in the world. No other dogs are more feared than Pitbull dogs. In realizing how dangerous pitbull dogs are, they have been banned in about 13 countries around the world. 

According to statistics, from 2005 to 2019, pitbull dogs have killed 346 Americans. In fact, among the victims that have lost their lives are the very owners of the dog. Pitbull dogs are responsible for about 69% of deaths (almost 70%) caused by dog bites in the United States. Nonetheless, it is still legal to own Pitbull dogs in the United States.

Safety Tips

Do not move closer to an unknown dog, a sleeping dog, or female dogs with puppies.

When barked at by an approaching dog, do not run and do not look directly at the dog's eyes.

Parents should not leave children alone with dogs and must be watchful when children are playing with dogs.

Parents should inform their children to report dog bites.

Over to you, what do you think about the most dangerous dogs in the world in 2024? Let hear your comments and please hit any of the share buttons. Thanks for reading!


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  4. Wow, so many awesome dogs. I know it's dangerous but for me I would love to own some of these.

    1. They are wonderful dogs to own, but you need to spend quality time with them and start training them from the beginning. If you want the best from them and not the other way round.

  5. Can't believe there's this many breeds of dogs. Their face alone is scary. But still I would love to own one someday even though they seem dangerous. I doubt theives will want to break into my house.

    Nice article by the way.


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