The Top 15 World's Largest Dog Breeds 2024

The top 15 largest dog breeds in the world in 2024 that is the biggest dogs.

The largest dog breeds in the world in 2024 are massive dogs whose appearance can be frightening. They can be pure breeds and some are crossbreeds. There are benefits to owning one of these huge dogs. 

They are the best security; their size sometimes is enough to wade off intruders and their deep sound bark. These huge breeds are wonderful dogs. They are usually loyal, protective, and obedient. Most of them are gentle giants. 

Nonetheless, early proper training is important to avoid clashes in the future. When they are well cared for, they are just like oversized cuddle buddies. 

Moreover, they are powerful dogs, that one of the breeds has a biting force stronger than a lion. There is another breed mentioned below that two of the dogs can bring down a lion. There are more interesting pieces of information to know about these enormous dogs.

These are the top 15 world’s largest dog breeds 2024, they are,

  • Irish wolfhound
  • Bully Kutta
  • Kangal
  • Caucasian Shepherd dog
  • Great Dane
  • Scottish deerhound
  • Broholmer
  • English Mastiff
  • Leonberger
  • Anatolian Shepherd dog

And five more huge breeds you should see. Keep reading!


1. Irish Wolfhound - The Largest Dog in the World  

Among the largest dog breeds in the world is Irish Wolfhound.
Image credit: Awesome/

Height: 32-35 inches (81-89 cm; 2.7-2.9 ft.) 

Weight: 115-140 pounds (52-64 kg) 

They are wolf hunters as the name implies. They also hunt on  deer, elk, and wild boar. As giant as they are and as great hunting dogs, they are not good as guard dogs. When they see strangers, they will not be aggressive nor will they be suspicious of them. 

This breed is the largest dog breed in the world that nearly extinct in the 1800s. This is because the demand for them as hunting dogs decreases.  Due to the fact the number of elk and wolves dropped. They were revered back from extinction by means of help from Capt. Graham

2. Bully Kutta                             

One of the largest dog breeds in the world is Bully Kutta.

30-34 inches (76-86 cm; 2.5-2.8 ft.) 

Weight: 150-200 pounds (68-90 kg)

This big breed originated from the province of Sindh, Pakistani. Some believed that the breed is from Pit Bull or Bulldog. Its name “Kutta” means dog. Although they are often used as hunting dogs, they are great working dogs as well as guards dogs. 

They are not good as pet dogs especially, families with children as they can be aggressive.  They can be aggressive towards other animals and to other dogs. 

But then, they can be better if they are well socialized with early. As one out of the largest dogs in the world in 2024, they are popular in India because Indians see them as a symbol of machismo. 

3. Kangal                               

Part of the largest dogs in the world is Kangal.
Image credit:

Height: 29-34 inches (73.7-86.4 cm; 2.4-2.8 ft.) 

Weight: 110-145 pounds (50-66 kg) 

They are breeds with thick fur from the Sivas region of Turkey. They are now popular in the US and African countries such as Kenya and Namibia. They are huge dogs that are used to protector livestock and herds, as they are shepherd dogs. 

They are great fierce protectors that they do kill bears and wolves. In those African countries mentioned earlier, they protect local farmers from Cheatahs, Lions, and other big cats. They are perfect for protecting animals and people. 

No matter how fierce they are at protecting, they are good family pets. They are one out of the largest dog breeds in the world that can run at the speed of 50 km/h. They have a very strong bite force that is greater than Lion’s bite force. Their bite force is 700 pounds per square inch (PSI) while that of the lion is 600 PSI. 

4. Caucasian Shepherd dog          

On the list of the largest dogs in the world is Caucasian Shepherd dog.
Image credit: petspruce

Height: 27-34 inches (68.6-84.6 cm; 2.3-2.8 ft.)

Weight: 80-220 pounds (36-91 kg) 

The breed hails from the Russian Caucasus Mountains. They are working breeds used for guardian dogs. They can easily gain weight, for this, their diet should be watched as well as exercise. They need proper training to achieve supreme obedience which takes dedication and time

Owning them requires dedication, if you do not have the time, owning one may be dangerous. As one of the largest dogs in the world, they have an average long life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. 

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5. Great Dane                            

Great Dane is among the biggest dogs in the world.

Height: 28-34 inches (71.1-86.4 cm; 2.3-2.8 ft. ) 

Weight: 120-200 pounds (54-91 kg) 

Due to their stately grace, they are also called the “Apollo of Dogs”. In the 1800s, they are the first breeds of boar-hunting dogs in Europe. They are breaded to hunt boar. They are eager to please and friendly. They are giant dogs but great with kids. 

But then again, parents need to take caution with them, children should not be left alone with them.  For the reason that they should not be played with like a puppy. Nevertheless, they love socialization. 

They look strong but they are weak especially if they are not yet up to two years. Jogging can damage their bones if they are yet to clock for two years. Their life expectancy is low; they can only live for 7 to 10 years.

6. Scottish Deerhound                

Scottish Deer hound is one of the biggest dogs in the world.
Image credit: dog-breeds-expert

Height: 30-32 inches (76.2-81.3 cm; 2.5-2.7 ft. ) 

Weight: 85-110 pounds (38-50 kg)

Scottish Deerhounds are ancient breeds that can be traced back to the 16th century by Phoenician traders. The traders introduce them to Scotland. They are tall lean dogs, for this, they have low weight compared to other breeds. 

This breed is a large greyhound cloaked in a wiry coat that loves to lie on hard, cold surfaces. This gentle giant loves cold weather. Their attention needs are moderate with the fact that they are one of the largest dog breeds in the world in 2024.

7. Broholmer                          

Broholmer is on the list of the largest dogs in the world.
Image credit: Thrudgelmir/Wikimedia

Height: 28-30 inches (71.1-76.2 cm; 2.3-2.5 ft.) 

Weight: 90-150 pounds (41-68 kg) 

They hail from Denmark, Northern Europe. They are usually tan or brown with white markings sometimes. They do not cope well in harsh weather because their coats are shorter. If you are allergic to fur, this breed is not suitable for you. 

Their fur needs brushing at least once per week. They are friendly, calm, and protective. They are packed dogs, they love being around people and they are among the largest dogs in the world. They have an average lifespan of  8 to 12 years. 


8. English Mastiff                          

English Mastiff is part of the biggest dog breeds in the world.

Height: 28-31 inches (71.7-78.7 cm; 2.3-2.6 ft.) 

Weight: 150-200 pounds (68-91 kg) 

Many do not want to consider this breed because they are heavy. Sometimes they can be tall as 36 inches, though that is very rare. They reach physical and mental maturity when they are three years. They are stubborn, though they are eager to please. 

Training is important, as they can do anything when they are confused or scared. Even though they are huge, as one out of the largest dogs in the world, they love sedentary life. They do not need vigorous exercise and they are good watchdogs.

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9. Leonberger                         

Leonberger is one out of the largest dogs in the world.
Image credit: Dafping/Wikimedia

Height: 26-31 inches (66-78.7 cm; 2.2-2.6 ft. )

Weight: 120-170 pounds (54-77 kg) 

They originated from Germany. They have thick double coats that can be red, brown, sand and the color can be striped with black.  Essig bred the breed to create a dog that looks like a lion. They were bred by crossing a Saint Bernard with a Landseer, and then a Pyrenean mountain dog. 

The breed is loved by rich and famous people. For example, the Czar of Russia, Umberto of Italy, and the Prince of Wales own Leonbergers. They always love the company of their family. They are gentle and sensitive. They can become easily distressed if their family expresses sadness or anger. 

10. Anatolian Shepherd Dog        

Anatolian Shepherd dog is a beautiful dog and among the largest dogs in the world.
Image credit: Subdeacon Joe

Height: 27-29 inches (68.6-73.7 cm; 2.3-2.4 ft.) 

Weight: 110-150 pounds (50 to 68 kg) 

They are extremely independent livestock guardian dogs. They guard property, flocks defenselessly and they are among the top largest dogs in the world in 2024. They watch and protect flocks from predators. 

They have the instinct of taking care of themselves; they often find their own food by hunting on small animals. In Namibia, this breed has been helping in the conservation of cheetahs. 

The cheetah population is decreasing in Namibia because to protect their livestock, ranchers were killing cheetahs. A Cheetah Conservation Fund program in Namibia introduces Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to protect the flock and reduce the killing of cheetahs.

11. Neopolitan Mastiff                   

Neopolitan Mastiff is one of the largest dogs breeds in the world with wrinkle skin.
Image credit:

Height: 25-31 inches (63.5-78.4 cm; 2.1-2.6 ft.) 

Weight: 120-200 pounds (54 - 91 kg) 

This breed hails from the vicinity of Naples, southern Italy. They are affectionately called Mastino or Neo. Their appearance is unnerving; they are big dogs with facial wrinkles and loose skin. 

Contrarily to their looks as one of the largest dogs in the world in 2024, they are affectionate dogs. They are not aggressive without reasons, they are loyal and steady. They love being around people and they will defend their household ferociously, though they rarely bark. 

Notwithstanding, owners are advised to socialize well with them early with people and other animals. They need firm consistent training but also loving. They will test to know if you really mean what you say, they are strong-willed. 

Owners are also advised to keep a small hand towel because after Mastino eats or drink or when they are nervous, they often drool. They need to mingle with to keep their life interesting; they can be destructive if they are bored.

12. Newfoundland Dog              

Newfoundland dog is fluffy huge and among the largest dogs in the world.

Height: 26-28 inches (66-71 cm; 2.2-2.3 ft.) 

Weight: 100-150 pounds (45-68 kg) 

They are large heavy-coated breeds from the island of Newfoundland. Though they are among the largest dogs in the world, yet they are docile, trustworthy, and tolerant of children's behavior. They do not often bark at strangers, but they are watchful and willing to protect their families. 

They are very intelligent that these dogs are found to alert their owners to fire at home and they have been found to rescue owners from swimming pools. They do not require vigorous exercise. During the first year, they require a large amount of food for growth which helps them to gain weight around 100 pounds. 


13. Landseer                             

Landseer is a cute dog and one out of the largest dogs in the world.

Height:  26-28 inches (66-71 cm; 2.2-2.3 ft.) 

Weight: 100–150 lb (45–68 kg)

They are breeds from Newfoundland but get to England through Fishermen from Newfoundland in the 1800s. They are huge shaggy companion dogs that love to swim. This breed is different from modern Newfoundland dogs as it confuses some. 

They are a little less giant, they have longer legs and they are less energetic than Newfoundland. They are usually white or black or combinations. They have almond-shaped eyes in dark brown, large heads, a broad muzzle of medium length, and deep-set. 

Owners are advised to brush their fur once a day. Their teeth and nails should be cared for once a week. They are loyal intelligent breeds; they are generally obedient to their owners. They are one of the largest dogs in the world you can own. 

14. The Komondo                         

The Komondo is among the largest dogs in the world and it's fur is naturally dread.
Image credit: Sagaciousphil/Wikimedia 

Height: 26-28 inches (66.0-71.1 cm; 2.2-2.3 ft.) 

Weight: 80-100 pounds (36-45 kg) 

They have a thick wooly curly coat that looks like a mopping stick. They are breeds that originated from Hungary. They are watchdogs and their coats help them to conceal themselves. When a wolf is coming to attack flocks, they surprise predators. 

Among the biggest dogs in the world is Komodor and it appeared like a mop stick.
Image credit: Wiki.awal

They are excellent at protecting flocks, they are wary of strangers and they do not get well with pets outside their household. Owners are advised to socialize with people to avoid future conflicts. 

The coat needs lots of care since they come naturally as dreads. They need constant bathe as well because their coats often soak up dirt. Time is also important for it to dry because it does not dry easily. They are among the biggest dogs in the world in 2024.

15. Tibetan Mastiff                         

Tibetan Mastiff is one out of the largest dogs in the world with big head.
Image credit:

Height: 24-26 inches (61-66 cm; 2.0-2.2 ft.) 

Weight: 85-140 pounds (39-64 kg) 

 They are breeds originating from Tibet about a century ago. They have a bunch of fur on their body especially around their necks that make them appear like a lion.  They are calm dogs that are known for their patient. 

They are powerful dogs, that two Tibetan Mastiffs can take down a lion. They prefer to stay outside and guard their territory. They need regular exercise to keep their life interesting. They prefer cold weather to warm. 

They often act aggressively towards other dogs of the same sex, the reason is unclear. They have the instinct of killing birds, they will chase and kill birds. They are more active at night than during the day. Unlike other large breeds, they have a long lifespan of 14 years. 



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