The Top 10 World's Most Beautiful Birds 2024 (+ Pictures With Names)

The most beautiful birds in the world 2024 (pictures with names).

If you like watching birds, you will love to see these most beautiful birds in the world in 2024. They are attractive birds with colorful plumage. Most times the males are more beautiful than the females. 

They are more beautiful in order to attract females and not us humans. But then again, when we look at them, we appreciate their beauty. Their lovely pictures always make perfect wallpaper.  

Sadly, some of these birds' populations are really decreasing, some are hunt on because of their beautiful feathers and some are losing their habitat. Their future is not certain. 

In this article, you will be able to explore their intriguing nature. For example, there is a bird that raises family, having a single mate for life, one species that can live for more than 60 years, some with beautiful courtship dance, and many more to find out. 

Also, we will like to know your view on this question at the end, which one is the most beautiful bird in the world? 

These are the top 10 world’s most beautiful birds 2024 (With Names & Pictures), they are, 

Check them out with their stunning pictures. Keep reading!

1. Peacock                               

Peacock is the number one on the list of the most beautiful birds in the world.

They are birds with iridescent plumage. Throughout the world, they are known for their remarkable beauty. Many consider them the most beautiful bird in the world in 2024. 

Nonetheless, it is the males that are actually beautiful with their long decorative colorful feathers. In their own case, they actually display their beautiful feathers to attract females and also to humans. Check the video below! 

The crest on their head looks like a crown which also adds to their beauty even though the crest is very sensitive. The female is known as peahen while the male is called a peacock, but collectively, they are referred to as peacock. 

After hatching as chicks, both males and females are identical until three years, after they attain maturity. At that time the male will have grown the feathers they use for their famous display.  

They are custom to shedding their feathers regularly. Peacock is India's iconic bird. White peacocks are not albinos, though the condition is similar. 

They are white because of the lack of production of pigmentation in feathers. Peacock can fly a short distance with their feathers and long tails.

2. Mandarin Duck                        

Among the most beautiful birds in the world is Mandarin duck.

There have been arguments as some people believe this duck is more beautiful than a peacock. There is no doubt about the fact that they are among the most beautiful birds in the world. 

Only that they do not display their plumage like the peacock, they are beautiful as well. North American Wood ducks look similar to them and they are also related. 

This is male Mandarin duck which second on the list of the most beautiful birds in the world.

They have a unique ability that enables them to survive in various habitats. Sadly, their numbers are greatly reducing in the wild due to deforestation. They are migratory birds.  

The females are bigger than the males, while the males are more colorful.  They are medium size birds that are usually between 8-10 inches in length with an average weight of 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. They spend a lot of time in the waters, paddling with their webbed feet. 

They feed on plants, insects, and worms. These ducks escape being hunted on by humans for food because their meat does not taste good. They have been seen to live for 12 years in captivity.

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3. Bohemian Waxwing                  

On the list of the most beautiful birds in the world is Bohemian Waxwing.

They are small size migratory birds. In length, they can be 7.5 to 9.1 inches (19 to 23 centimeters). On average, they can weigh 55g (1.9 oz.).  While their wingspan can be 12.6 and 14.0 inches (32 and 35.5 centimeters) in length. 

You can spot these birds in the UK during the winter and in North America, Russia, and Scandinavia boreal rainforest during their breeding seasons. Though their favorite food is berries, they still feed on flowers, tree buds, and insects. 

They really like berries that it seems they have a GPS tracker for berries. A single Bohemian Waxwing can eat up to hundreds of berries per day. There is no questioning as to the fact that they are among the most beautiful birds in the world in 2024. 

They are monogamous birds; they only have one mate for life. The couple both engages in building the nest, after which the female will lay about 3 to 7 eggs on it. They have a short lifespan as the oldest on record is around 6 years old.

4. Toucan                              

Toucans are one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

They are exotic beautiful birds with their enormous beaks. They have the biggest beak in the world compared to their body size. On seeing this bird, we may think that the beak is heavy due to its size, but it is actually light. 

The beak is very sharp as well for cutting. They have long tongues to the length size of their beak, but narrow. They are very noisy, they are the noisiest birds, and females are nosier. The largest of the species, which is the Toco toucan, is about 63.5 cm long with a thick beak that is 19 cm (8 inches) long. 

They are included on the list of the most beautiful birds in the world because of their colorful plumage which helps them to camouflage in rainforests. Their beak may also intimidate predators. They are closely related to hornbills. They feed on fruits and seeds.

5. Scarlet Macaw                         

Scarlet macaw is among the most beautiful birds in the world.

They are large beautiful parrots that are endemic to Central America and South America. Their beautiful plumage is of three main colors, blue, yellow, and red. They are 35 to 38 inches in length and can fly to a distance of 24 km (15 miles) per day in search of food. 

They are lovely to watch while flying and they are iconic South American birds. Ara Macao is their scientific name. As one out of the most beautiful bird in the world, they have an incredible lifespan. 

Their general life span is 50 years while in captivity they can live up to 75 years. They can make a good pet as they are intelligent, affectionate, and friendly; they are not aggressive at all. 

Unhappily, their population is decreasing as they are about 1500 in Central American. Females lay 2 to 4 eggs, and they will be hatched after 25 to 28 days of incubation.

6. Golden Pheasant                       

Golden pheasant is one out of the most beautiful birds in the world.

They are also known as a glorified chicken, rainbow pheasant, and Chinese pheasant as they are natives of China. You can spot them in the Western China mountainous forests. 

They are not aggressive, they can easily be tamed. Although they are native to China, they are found in other parts of the world. As they are introduced to other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and the United States. 

As one of the most beautiful birds in the world, it is actually the male that is more beautiful with its brightly colored plumage. The female is smaller and is dull-colored compares to the male. 

They feed on leaves, grains, and insects. During the winter that there is less food in the mountainous regions, they will leave the regions and flock together to places where humans are, to get food from leftovers. 

Their flight is limited; they only fly to the trees to sleep. Females can lay 8 to 12 eggs and they will be incubated for about 23 days.

7. Blue Jay                                 

Blue Jay is a small birfs belonging to the list of the most beautiful birds in the world.

These beautiful birds are found in North America on oak trees because acorn is their favorite food. They have a strong bill for eating acorns. They also feed on other fruits, nuts, seeds, berries as well as insects. 

They are one of the birds that exhibit sexual monomorphism. Females and males are difficult to differentiate. They are among the long-lived birds, that the oldest blue Jay has clocked 27 years. 

They are very noisy and they have the ability to imitate sounds. Red-shouldered Hawk is one of Blue Jay's predators. Any time these birds see this very hawk, they will imitate the hawk voice and this will serve as a warning to other birds. 

They are very slow at flying that they fly at the speed of 20-25 mph, unlike ducks that can fly at the speed of 60 mph. They are part of the most beautiful birds in the world in 2023, they are intelligent as well. 

For example, some Blue Jays in captivity have been seen to use tools for feeding. They have an interesting lifestyle; they have just one mate for life. Both the male and the female work very hard to build their nest as a couple. During the incubation period, the males take care of the females. 

By the time chicks are about 17 -21 days old, they will leave the nest together as a family. Unfortunately, they have many predators, like raccoons, cats, owls, and many more feeds on them.

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8. Greater Bird Of Paradise           

Greater bird of paradise is also part of the most beautiful birds in the world.
Image credit: Moni/Flickr 

They are the largest of paradisaea genus. They are found on the Aru Island in Indonesia and in southwest New Guinea. In England, they were once thought to be visitors from paradise. 

The male is more beautiful, on its flank; it has large yellow ornamental plumage with two long tail wires. The female's feathers are brown. They are polygamous in nature; males have multiple females as mates. The female builds a nest on its own and then lays about 7 eggs on it. They feed on insects, fruits, and seeds. 

They have an average lifespan of 8 years. From the months of August to December and March to May, their breeding takes place. Their population is gradually reducing because of overhunting on their beautiful plumes. On the IUCN list, they are critically endangered as they may extinct.

9. Waved Albatross                        

Among the most beautiful birds in the world is Waved Albatross.
Image credit: Putneymark/Wikimedia Commons

They got the name from their plumage pattern that looks like waved pattern at the beach. Waved Albatross are amazing birds that love the sea, they spend most of their years at sea. 

You can find them in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and the coasts of Colombia. They only leave the sea when they are about to breed. Then at that time, they can be spot on in Galapagos Islands. They hardly flap their wings unless the situation calls for it. 

They are well known for their courtship dance. They are 3 feet and their wingspan also measures 8 feet in length. On average they weigh 11 pounds. They feed on fishes, crustaceans, squids, and on land, they feed on leftover foods by other creatures.

From the month of March to January, they breed on land. Parents feed their chicks for almost one year before they are weaned. They are among the birds that are known to live long; they have an average lifespan of 45 years. 

There is a record of one that lives up to 68 years in Hawaii. Heartbrokenly, on the list of IUCN, they are listed among the Critically Endangered birds.

10. Gouldian Finch                         

Gouldian Finch is among the most beautiful birds in the world.

They are birds that we can rightly say exhibit rainbow colors. They are colorful birds with different facial colors. The facial colors are majorly three, yellow, black, and red. 

Yellow faces are rarest, the majorities are black faces and the red faces are about 20 -30%. They prefer to live in a warm environment for about 27°C (80 degrees Fahrenheit). 

The feathers' color of the males is intense than the females and it is the male that clearly sings. They have a hard beak for cracking seeds and foraging on floors. This beautiful bird's life is being threatened due to diseases, predators, and habitat loss. 

They are near threatened on the list of IUCN Red List, while they are listed as endangered species in Australia as about 2500 remain in the wild. In the wild, they have a shorter lifespan, while in captivity, they can live for short years of 8.

Which bird do you find the most beautiful in 2024? Or which one do you feel still needs to be on this list? Let hear your thought on the most beautiful birds in the world in the comment section (Post a comment). Please share this article and subscribe to our mailing list. Thanks for reading :)


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