The Top 13 World’s Biggest Planes 2024

The biggest planes in the world 2024.

The biggest planes in the world in 2024 are incredible massive planes, giants in the skies. Each of these planes' weights is hundreds of tonnes, yet they have the ability to lift themselves up into the air even when loaded with additional hundreds of tonnes of weight.  

Some of these enormous planes are cargo aircraft, passenger aircraft, and more.  The cargo type of these airplanes solves the challenge of moving items from one continent to another. Challenges such as physical constraints of railroad tunnels, small highways, low bridges, and others. 

These planes are few in numbers. Here are the top 13 world's biggest planes 2024, they are, 

  • Antonov An-225 Mriya
  • BOEING 747-8
  • Airbus A380-800
  • Hughes H-4 Spruce Goose
  • Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy
  • BOEING 777-9
  • Airbus beluga XL
  •  Aero Spacelines Super Guppy
  • MC Donnell Dougles KC-10-extender
  • Tupolev Tu-160

And three more of these big planes. Check them out including their specifications and lots more. Keep reading! 

13. Aero Spacelines Super Guppy  

Among the top biggest planes in the world is Aero Spacelines Super Guppy.
Image credit: NASA/

Overall Length: 43.80 meters (143 ft. 8 in)

Wingspan: 47.63 meters (156 ft. 3 in)

Empty weight: 45.359 tones (100, 000 lbs.)

Height: 14.78 meters  (48 ft. 6 in)

Cruising speed: 463.49 km/h (250 knots, 288 mph) 

Engine: Four (Allison 501-D22C Turboprop)

Role: Cargo aircraft


Four of these planes, which are among the biggest planes in the world in 2024 were made. Aero Spaceline Industries, situated in California, came up with a solution for transporting big cargo by means of this plane. 

Overland shipment of such freight is nearly impossible due to restrictions such as narrow highways and power lines. 

For Government and private-sector logistics planners, transporting big freight has long been a major challenge. This plane solve that problem, in fact, it has a 25' cargo bay, stronger engines, a pressurized cockpit, and a hinged nose for better freight loading.

12. MC Donnell Dougles KC-10-Extender  

One out of the biggest planes in the world is MC Donnell Dougles KC-10-extender.
Image credit:

Overall Length: 54.4 meters (181 feet, 7 inches)

Wingspan: 50 meters (165 feet, 4.5 inches)

Empty weight: 108.89 tones (240061.4 lbs) 

Height: 17.4 meters (58 ft. 1 in)

Cruising speed: 909km/h (565 mph, 491 knots) 

Engine: Three (F103/General Electric CF6-50C2 Turbofan)

Role: Aerial tanker and transport aircraft

Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas

This plane is a tanker aircraft that does air-to-air refueling. The US military along with other government troops operate the triple-engine aircraft. The Extender can be used to convey both cargo and passengers. 

Around 60 of these tankers are in use around the world. In July 1980, KC-10 made its first flight. A hose or boom method and drogue centerline system can be used to refuel. 

Its refueling operations are controlled using a digital fly-by-wire technique by the boom operator, who is stationed at the rear of the aircraft's cockpit. Through a glass panel, the operator can keep an eye on the reception aircraft. The boom refueling system allows the receiving airplane to receive 1,100 gallons of gasoline per minute.

11. Tupolev Tu-160                    

Tupolev Tu-160 is among the top biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: Alex Beltyukov/ Wikimedia Commons 

Overall Length: 54.10 meters (117.5 ft.) 

Wingspan: 55.70 meters (182.7 ft.) 

Empty weight: 110 tones (242508.5 lbs

Height: 13.10 meters (53 ft.) 

Cruising speed: 2,220 km/h (1,200 knot, 1,380 mph) 

Engine: Four (HK-32 turbojet engines)

Role: Supersonic strategic heavy bomber

Manufacturer: TUPOLEV

It is a supersonic strategic weapons transporter with controllable wings. Because of its efficiency and anti-flash white coating, the Tu-160 was given the name White Swan. 

The airframe is built around a titanium beam with an all-welded torsion box. Fly-by-wire systems are used on the Tu-160. The landing gear comprised of a tailwheel, 3 struts, and a braking parachute. It is one of the biggest planes in the world in 2024 that has 44 world records under its belt.


10. Airbus beluga XL (Plane A330-743L)  

Among the top 13 biggest planes in the world is Airbus beluga XL (Plane A330-743L).
Image credit: Dylan Agbagni (CC0) from Bordeaux, France

Overall Length: 63.10 meters (207 ft.)

Wingspan: 44.84 meters (147 ft. 2 in)

Empty weight: 127.5 tones (281,089 lbs)

Height: 18.90 meters (62 ft.)

Cruising speed: 737 km / h (398 knots, 458 mph)

Engine: Two (Rolls-Royce Trent 700 Turbofan)

Role: Cargo aircraft

Manufacturer: Airbus Aircraft

The plane was launched in 2014 and by 2023; it is believed that six more of this plane would have been made.  It is an enormous plane with extensions on the top, with this it look like a Beluga whale. 

Two pilots and a cargo leader make up the aircraft's crew of three. It is certainly one of the biggest planes in the world in 2024. Six Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays are installed in the primary cockpit console, providing clear and detailed flight information, navigation, and system tracking on a continual basis. 

A control for portable heating components that may be put anywhere on the deck cargo area is also included in the cabin of the aircraft. This component creates temperature-controlled challenges for Beluga's sensitive loads, such as paints and satellites.

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9. Stratolaunch                            

Stratolaunch is the largest plane in the world by wingspan.
Image credit: Breadnought/Wikimedia Commons 

Overall Length: 73.0 meters (239.5 ft.)

Wingspan: 117.0 meters (383.9 ft.)

Empty weight: 340 tones (749,572 lbs)

Height: 15.24 meters (50 ft.) 

Cruising speed: 304.17 km/h (189 mph, 164.2 knots) 

Engine: Six Boeing 747 engines

Role: Space rocket carrier

Manufacturer: Stratolaunch LLC

It has a double fuselage design, with the right fuselage housing the flying crew as well as the left fuselage housing the flight data systems. Its wingspan of more than a 300-foot (91-meter) is larger than an American football field, making it the world's largest plane in 2024 by wingspan. 

Its purpose is to transport rockets between the dual fuselages, to lift rockets into the air and send them into orbit. 

It can take off from a runway and fly to a high altitude of about 10 kilometers where a satellite-bearing launch vehicle can be placed. After that, the plane can land on a runway for unloading, refueling, and reuse. Since 2011, its development started, and it made its first flight in 2019.


8. Boeing 747 Dreamlifter           

Boeing 747 Dreamlifter is the 8th on the list of the biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: Scott wright/Wikimedia Commons 

Overall Length: 71.68 meters (235 ft. 2 in)

Wingspan: 64.44 meters (211 ft. 5 in)

Empty weight: 180.53 tones (398,000 lbs.)

Height: 21.54 meters (70 ft. 8 in)

Cruising speed: 878 km/h (474 knots, 545 mph)

Engine: Four Turbofan Engines

Role: Cargo aircraft

Manufacturer: Boeing

It is a broadening jumbo jet that was introduced in 2007. The Dreamlifter has a load capacity of up to 3 times that of a typical 747-100F airplane. Due to its cost and probably its size as well, just four of the plane was made. 

It has a cargo capacity of around 65,000 cubic feet, providing commercial airlines with ample extra storage. No questioning as regards it among the top biggest planes in the world  in 2024.

7. Antonov An-124 Ruslan        

Antonov An-124 Ruslan is one out of the biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: Sergey Kustov

Overall Length: 69.10 meters (226.4 ft.) 

Wingspan: 73.30 meters (240.5 ft.) 

Empty weight: 180 tonnes (397,000Ib)

Height: 20.78 meters (68.18 ft.) 

Cruising speed: 865km/h (537 mph, 468knot)

Engine: Three (M series D-18T engines)

Role: Cargo aircraft

Manufacturer: ANTONOV

It is a Freighter with a high lift capacity. It is one out of the biggest planes in the world. Since 1987, it has been in operation. It was made to replace the An-22. Only a few were built, and a few are still in use. 

The LOCKHEED C-5 Galaxy and the An-124 configuration are alike. It is a plane that can transport up to 150 tons of goods. The AN-124 has a set of 30 world records, which included an absolute payload-to-altitude record of 171, 219 tons lifted to 10, 750 meters. 

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6. Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy       

Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy is on the list of the biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: MRAVIATIONGUY/

Overall Length: 75. 51 m (247 ft. 9 in)

Wingspan: 67.88 m (222 ft. 8 in)

Empty weight: 169.644 kg (374.000 lbs)

Height: 19.85 m (65 ft. 1 in)

Cruising speed: 919 km/h (496 knots, 571 mph) 

Engine: Four (GE CF6-80C2 turbofan engines)

Role: Strategic military transport aircraft

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin

The US Air Force uses this plane as a long-range, air refuelable strategic military transport aircraft. It is the largest aircraft in the United States Armed Forces and of course one of the biggest planes in the world in 2024 as well. 

It may be loaded and unloaded simultaneously by using the front and rear cargo openings. The cargo compartment is fully accessible through both the front and rear doors, which open to the full height and width of the vehicle. Its first flight was on June 30, 1968. Seventy-three personnel and 36 standard 463L pallets are carried by this plane on a regular basis. 

Two M1 Abrams main battle tanks, one Abrams tank with two M2/M3 Bradley combat vehicles, or six AH-64 Apache/Apache Longbow attack helicopters can all be carried by this aircraft. Aside from that, it can transport up to 15 HMMWVs (humvees). 

5. BOEING 777-9                     

BOEING 777-9 is on the list of the biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: Dan Nevill from Seattle, WA, United States

Overall Length: 76.7 meters (251 ft. 9 in)

Wingspan: 71.8 meters (235.6 ft.)

Empty weight: 180 tonnes (775,000 lbs)

Height: 19.7 meters (64 ft. 7 in)

Cruising speed: 950 k/mh (590.30 mph, 513 knots) 

Engine: Two (GE Aviation (General Electric) GE9X-105B1A)

Role: Commercial passenger airliner

Manufacturer: BOEING

This airliner has a capacity of 414 passengers. The plane has two amazing foldable wingtips. The interior of this plane is significantly larger than those of its predecessors. The extra area is used in the new Business Class to improve passenger comfort. 

From all seats in the new Business Class, passengers will have easy access to the aisle. Its fan is specially made for this plane. Its engines feature the biggest commercial airplane fan ever made. The plane is equipped with the tricycle landing gear. Each main landing gear has six wheels, but the front landing gear has just two.

4. Hughes H-4 Spruce Goose      

Among the biggest planes in the world is Hughes H-4 Spruce Goose which is a flying boat.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons 

Overall Length: 66.65 meters (218.7 ft)

Wingspan: 97.54 meters (320.0 ft.)

Height: 24.18 meters (79.3 ft)

Empty weight: 113.4 tones (250004.2 lbs) 

Cruising speed: 407.98 km/h (250 mph, 217.4 knots)

Engine: Eight (Pratt & Whitney R-4360 28-cylinder engines)

Role: transport flying boat and X-Plane

Manufacturer: Hughes Aircraft Company

It was created in response to a request from the United States government in 1942 for a freight and troop carrier that would not be vulnerable to Axis submarines and would not consume key wartime supplies by substituting wood for the metal in its construction. 

Hughes H-4 Spruce Goose is one of the biggest planes in the world.
Spruce Goose in its present home. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons 

Except for the flaps, the whole airframe and surface components are made of laminated wood, and all key control surfaces are fabric-covered. Undeniably, it is one of the biggest airplanes in the world.  

The cargo type of this flying boat could transport two Sherman tanks or 750 fully prepared troops over an extended place. It has a single hull, full cantilever wing, fixed wingtip floats, and tail surfaces, as well as a single vertical tail.

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3. BOEING 747-8                  

BOEING 747-8 is one of the biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: Garitzko

Overall Length: 76.3 meters (250 ft. 2 in)

Wingspan: 68.4 meters (224 ft. 5 in)

Height: 19.4 meters (63 ft. 6 in)

Cruising speed: 988 km/h (614 mph, 533 knots)  

Empty weight: 211.9 tones (467159.5 lbs) 

Engine: Four (GEnx-2B67)

Role: passenger and freighter aircraft

Manufacturer: BOEING

It is the longest and one of the largest airplanes in the world in 2024. It was launched in November 2005. The passenger plane version has 410 seats (3-class). It is the biggest variant of the 747, with a longer fuselage and revised wings. Both passenger (747-8I) and cargo (747-8F) versions are available. 



2. Airbus A380-800              

Airbus A380-800 is the second biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: Steve Lynes from Sandshurst, United Kingdom

Overall Length: 72.7 meters (238 ft. 8 in)

Wingspan: 79.8 meters (261 ft. 11 in)

Height: 24.1 Meters (79 Feet)

Empty weight: 276.8 tones (610239.5 lbs) 

Cruising speed: 1020.32 km/h (551 knots, 634 mph) 

Engines: Four (Rolls Royce Trent 900)

Role: Commercial passenger aircraft

Manufacturer: Airbus Aircraft

This plane features a three-class seating arrangement with 555 seats on two decks. The essential element of the plane utilized is carbon fiber, a strong and light material. 

Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic makes up around a quarter of the plane's overall construction. The fuselage's top deck runs the length of it. In addition, it is one of the most environmentally friendly, with lesser noise and emissions per passenger.

1. Antonov An-225 Mriya        

Antonov An-225 Mriya is the biggest planes in the world.
Image credit: Larske/Wikimedia Commons 

Overall Length: 84.0 meters (275.6 ft.) 

Wingspan: 88.5 meters (290.4 ft.) 

Height: 18.1 meters (59.4 ft.) 

Empty weight: 285 tonnes (628317.4 lbs) 

Cruising speed: 850 Km/h (459 knots, 528.2 mph) 

Engine: six (ZMKB Progress D-18T Turbofan Turbofan) 

Role: Cargo and Goods Aircraft

Manufacturer: Antonov Design Bureau

This plane is the only one and it is the biggest plane in the world. It is the heaviest plane as well with 32 wheels in 16 pairs. On takeoff, the plane is propelled by six massive Ivchenko Progress D-18T turbofan engines, each capable of producing about 51,600 pounds (23 tonnes) of thrust. 

On its freight compartment, the plane is capable of carrying 640t of cargo. The airplane holds about 30 world records. Its first 74-minute flight was on December 21, 1988. It has been in commercial use since 1989 and it is believed to continue to work till 2033. At the time of its first flight, other planes were 50% smaller. 

Sadly, due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, many people lost their lives and this plane was also destroyed. However, Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukraine president said that he has the intention to finish the second An-225. 

He intend to this in honor of all the Ukrainian pilots who lost their lives in the conflict, to replace the wrecked aircraft, and to pay tribute to all of them. The aircraft will be rebuilt, with an estimated $500 million cost, according to plans announced by Antonov in November 2022.

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