The Top 13 World's Strongest Animals 2024

The top strongest animals in the world 2024.

The strongest animals in the world in 2024 are amazing creatures that are extremely powerful. You will definitely be surprised by what these animals are capable of doing with their remarkable powers. 

From an animal that has the ability to carry a weight that can be more than 1000 times its body weight to an animal that has a fearsome biting force of 4,000 PSI and much more.

These are the top 13 world's strongest animals 2024, they are, 

  1. Horned  Dung Beetle
  2. Leaf cutter ants
  3. Elephants
  4. Mountain Gorillas
  5. Anacondas
  6. Hippotamous
  7. Crocodiles
  8. Tigers
  9. Horse
  10. Grizzly Bear
  11. Oxen
  12. Eagle
  13. Great white shark

Check them out, get to know how powerful they are, and lots more.

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1. Horned Dung Beetle - The Strongest Animal in the World 

Horned Dung Beetle is the strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: Katya from Moscow, Russia

They feed on the excrement of other animals hence the name dung beetle. Most of them prefer herbivorous droppings. A male horned dung beetle, specifically the Onthophagus Taurus has the ability to pull up a weight that is 1141 times its body weight. 

It is like you carrying two trucks. They are crowned as the strongest insect in the world from the year 2010 and of course one of the strongest animals in 2024. Males are exceptionally strong, they use their incredible strength to for wading off male competitors. 

They do this by locking their horns and pulling themselves, so they are surely the strongest animal in fighting. The insect leg is one of the secrets to the beetle's strength according to Rob Knell at the University of London. 

Now, you wouldn't see them only as insects pushing a ball of poo, but also as very strong insects. They are good at parenting,  they roll a poo mainly to feed their young ones. 

2. Leaf Cutter Ants                           

Leaf Cutter Ants are one of the strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: Kathy & sam from Beaverton OR, USA

Leaf cutter ants are so incredibly powerful and strong that they are capable of carrying a weight that is 10 to almost 50 times their own weight. It is like you carrying a car with your hands raised up. 

They are absolutely weightlifting champions. There is no questioning about them belonging to the list of the strongest animals in the world. They are very strong because they have armor in their exoskeleton. 

They have this attribute throughout their body, which is having strong armor. Their exoskeleton is tough, it consists of calcite with high levels of magnesium. They are the only insect found with this biomineral. 

They are very strong that they can walk easily with a weight of 750 pounds at the speed of 15 miles per hour. They are hard-working insects. They have an adapted jaw that works like a saw. 

This jaw in each second vibrates a thousand per second. These ants usually cut leaves, not for their own consumption but to grow fungi on which they feed on. 

They are so wise that they protect their fungus garden from dangerous microbes with antibiotic-producing bacteria. Scientists have used this in their various studies, especially in the production of drugs. 

They have interesting highly complex and functioning societies, with each individual with different roles. They are the most social animal on earth. Each colony consists of 10 million individuals. There are queens, workers, soldiers, as well a garbage crew. Definitely, it is one of the most strongest animals in the world 2024. 

3. Elephants                            

Elephants is among the top strongest animals in the world and of course, it is the strongest mammal.
Image credit: MillerGruppe / Pixabay 

Despite their size, elephants are so strong that they can move quickly, and carry heavy loads. Being powerful is essential to their living. They are not violence or aggressive. 

But they can be dangerous when they experience a condition called musth (it is believed to cause acute pain in elephants' eyes) or when feeling threatened. 

They are highly intelligent, they are known to help humans in times of need and also support their fellow elephants especially the weak among them. They have an incredible bite force of 2,175 PSI (pounds per square inch). 

That is twice the bite force of a lion; a lion's bite force is 650 PSI. They use their teeth to grind their food and for self-defense if necessary. They have a tusk (massive teeth that protrude out of their mouths) bending strength of 14,067 PSI. 

Their tusk is very strong that they can use it to lift an object of 2000 pounds in weight. They are the strongest mammal in the world on land. The tusk length can be up to 137 inches and are use for lifting objects, stripping tree back, gathering food, and digging. 

A trunk strength of 770 lbs can be displayed by adult elephants. In addition, their trunk force is powerful, it has a force at a rate of 6,000 lb.-ft./s. This strength comes from their appendages which consist of 40,000 muscles. 

Compares this to humans, that just have 600 muscles and human professional weightlifters can only lift a weight of around 100 pounds. They are remarkably strong animals. 

They are heavy, and on average, the weight of elephants is between 4000 to 16,000 pounds. They have the potential to run at a speed of 25 miles per hour. Their legs are strong that they are able to support their heavy body very well. Elephant is one of the biggest animals as well as one of the strongest animals in the world 2024. 

4. Mountain Gorillas              

Mountain Gorillas is part of the strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: Pixabay 

A silverback is an older adult male mountain gorilla with whitish or gray hair on its back. These apes are definitely one of the strongest animals in the world in 2024. 

They are extremely strong and a single silverback is stronger than 20 adult humans. One gorilla is capable of lifting 815 kg. Additionally, Gorillas have a strong bite force than other carnivorous animals including lions as mentioned earlier.

 Gorilla's bite force is 1300 PSI. They always move on their four limbs, but the first two limbs are so strong that they can use them to destroy the plantation. They got their strength from the food they consume. 

Each day, they have the ability to eat up to 34 kg of food. Their foods are mainly fruits and vegetation, and sometimes they eat insects such as ants which makes their diet balanced. 

Because this animal is very strong with strong bite force as well, it is highly advisable not to get near this animal. In case you get attacked by them, it is recommended that you act in a submissive way.

You need to stay calm, have your eyes downcast, and not look directly at their eyes. Do not use flash when taking their pictures and do not make noise in the jungle they are in. 

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5. Anacondas                       

Anaconda is on the list of the strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: David Clode / Unsplash 

They are also referred to as water boas as they belong to the family of boas. And also because of their habitat, they live in wetlands and South America’s rainforests. 

There are 4 types of anacondas and out of this four, the green anacondas are the most powerful and the largest.  They prefer to hunt large prey both in water and on land. 

They are so strong that they kill their prey like tapirs and deer by squeezing them. They are the most powerful predator constrictors. This giant snake has a fearsome constriction force of 90 PSI, tell me how a prey will be able to survive that. 

It is like a school bus weighing around 9000 pounds sitting on your chest. It can be compared to you squeezing something with your hand, but this time is 30 times that of a human hand. The average squeezing power of a human hand is 2.37 PSI, still and all that of this snake can exceed 90 PSI. 

While that of python is 14.22 PSI. With this, they use their muscular bodies to generate force that squeezes the life out of their victims by breaking bones and squeezing the heart. 

Their jaws are powerful as well with a strong bite force of 900 PSI. Although they do not attack their prey with their jaw, they kill only through constriction. The bigger the snake is, the more powerful its force is. 

6. Hippotamous                           

One out of the strongest animals in the world is Hippotamous.
Image credit: Wallpaperflare

Hippos can be rightly said of as king of the waters in Africa. Some considered their babies as cute as they have chubby bodies and huge cheeks. Hippos may look gentle, but they are actually one of the most ferocious animals. 

They are territorials and extremely aggressive, if threatened, they will show off their deadly strong teeth. They are highly unpredictable, when you see one, never go near it. 

They are the third largest animals, native to Africa's Sub-Saharan region. They live both in water and land, but mostly in the water to hide from the scorching of the sun. They feed mainly on grass and vegetation as they are herbivores. 

They have the strongest bite forces as regards land animals. Their bite force is 1,800 PSI which is 8,100 Newtons. They have a wide mouth that measures 2 feet with 36 teeth. 

When it opens its mouth, it measures about 4 to 5 feet wide at an angle of 150 degrees. Their teeth are made up of large tusks, canine, and incisor teeth. Their canine is a source of ivory and their teeth can be as long as 3 feet. 

They use their powerful bite-force teeth for chewing and grinding their food. They eat up to 60 pounds of food per day and they have a life expectancy between 40 to 50 years. Actually, they are a powerful bite for defense. They have thick skin of 2 inches which prevents them from the sun harsh rays.  

7. Crocodiles                         

One out of the strongest animals in the world is Crocodiles.
Image credit: Leon Pauleikhoff / Unsplash 

Crocodiles have the strongest bite force. The strongest crocodile species are saltwater and Nile crocodiles. When testing their bite force, saltwater crocodiles shut their jaw at a bite force of 3,700 PSI (16,460 Newtons). 

Crocodiles have around 80 teeth and including incisors, molars, and canine teeth. The majority of these teeth are canonical, making them more dangerous when they bite and harder for victims to remove. 

They are unique in terms of replacing their teeth. They can replace their teeth at any time at any point in their life, unlike we humans that cannot replace teeth after the milk teeth have been replaced. 

They grow any missing teeth back quickly and it is estimated that the teeth can be replaced back up to 50 times. Their teeth are very essential to their living, without teeth to them means death as they will not be able to catch their prey. 

They have strong-scale skin as well. It is not bulletproof as many claims, but it has the ability to resist bullets, arrows, and knife cuts. A bullet can penetrate through its belly or when it opens its jaw. 

To some extent, its skin can resist bullets, still, it can surely be killed by a bullet. Its skin is made up of keratin and between the scales and underneath is osteoderms which is a bony plate. The thickness at the back of an adult crocodile is about 5cm. 

These two features make its skin very strong. Despite that, this skin is strong, is highly sensitive, in fact, it is ten times more sensitive than human fingers. In addition, among the reptiles, crocodiles have the strongest bones. 

8. Tigers                          

Among the strongest animals in the world is Tigers.
Image credit: Pixabay 

Tigers are the largest cat and of course one of the strongest animals in the world. They are fast, agile, and strong. The Siberian tiger is the largest and the strongest of tiger species. 

A single tiger has the ability to bring down prey that double its size. They are able to do this with their powerful jaws, sharp claws, and muscular bodies. What account for being powerful is their body composition. 

Their body mass is composed of pure muscle mass, just 7.7% of their body mass is fat. Their legs are strong and powerful, well adapted for leaping, hunting, and swimming. Their average weight is six times higher than that of an adult human. 

They are very fast at running, they can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour. They have a higher bite force of 1,050 PSI which is six times that of humans with 162 PSI. Their teeth are used for slicing prey and crushing bones. 

This bite force is higher than that of a lion. Obviously, the tiger is stronger than the lion. But the reality is Lion is still the king of the jungle, because, lions are more aggressive than tigers. 

Not only that lions have the ability to dominate their habitat. Tigers can be bigger and has more bite force than the lion, tigers lack the poses kingship abilities that lions have. 

More to that, lions have raw power and hunting skill strength. Like the Biblical saying, wisdom is better than strength, this applies to lions. Tigers are mainly found in Asia while lions are in Africa; live on a different continents. 

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9. Horse                              

Horse is one of the strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: Pixabay 

Horses are strong in different areas, in fact, strength is part of their makeup. Looking at their physical appearance, you will see they are strong. They have strong thick muscles. The most powerful part of their body is their legs. 

A horse has a kick force of 2000 PSI. That force can be illustrated by the force a car running at a speed of 20 mph generates when it hit something. 

In addition, they can carry a heavy load or carry people throughout the day without being exhausted. They have a big size heart that assists them in doing strenuous work and being able to run fast. 

Horses are tremendously strong that they can pull times three of their weight. They have a bite force of 500 PSI. They are powerful creatures with a remarkable pull force. They have the ability to pull weight over long distances. 

It is undeniable that horses are among the strongest animals in the world. For this, they are used for plowing, pulling loads, and racing. How strong a horse is, still depends on its breed. 

The Belgian Draft Horse is the strongest. Other strong breeds include Shire Horse, American Cream Draft Horse, Clydesdale Horse, Ardennes Horses, Clydesdales, and Percheron. Some of these breeds are among the most expensive horse breeds, you may check it. 

10. Grizzly Bear                        

Among the strongest animals in the world is Grizzly Bear.
Image credit: Jdaypix / Pixabay 

They are large agile intimidating animals. They are subspecies of brown bears, they are solitary, yet territorial. They are one of the largest and heaviest bears. You will always see them being aggressive in pictures. 

You can spot them in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. They are omnivores, they do not generally attack humans. They are 5 times stronger than humans. They are only slightly less strong than tigers. 

They can lift a weight of 700 pounds with ease. Their strong 3 inches teeth size does yield a strong bite force of 975 PSI. They have the ability to run at the speed of 28 miles per hour, which is times three of the average speed a human can run. 

The males are generally more well-built than the females. They have paw swipe force of around 25,200 lb.-ft./s. Meaning, to experience the force, you will be hit with a weight force of 783 pounds. 

They have powerful massive musculature frames. Their muscular morphology accounts for their being strong. They have dense muscles that are long and fast-twitch fibers that bring about their explosive movements powers and endurance. 

The only way this bear seems to be stronger than great apes is the speed and swipe force. From these features, they are the strongest bears as well as one of the strongest animals in the world in 2024. 

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11. Oxen                              

Oxen is on the list of the top strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: Pixabay 

An ox is a cattle that are more than four years old and has been effectively trained to do work. Mostly they are trained castrated male cattle. The word oxen refer to more than one ox. 

They are bigger than bulls, possibly because they are castrated. But not all castrated bulls are ox as explained. There is this famous saying that, "someone or something is as strong as an Ox". We can rightly say they are strong and durable. 

They are used for plowing and pulling carts or wagons. It is undeniable fact that this ox is among the strongest animals in the world in 2023. It has the powerful ability to pull and carry a weight of 900 kg. 

Which is the weight of about 1.5 times their size through rugged terrain. They are definitely stronger than a bull. The females are less strong than the males. 

The domesticated ox (B. taurus primigenius or Bos taurus) once roamed in herds across in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Now, there is no more wild ox in Australia and South America. 

12. Eagle                            

Eagles are powerful birds on the list of strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: intoBirds

Eagles are strong big birds of prey that dominate the skies. They are stronger than any other birds as they can fly higher due to their powerful wings. 

These two main attributes that make them strong; are their massive powerful wings and their well-built talon. Moreover, they have very sharp sight, and they can even see prey at long distances. 

They hunt their prey by picking them up at a very fast speed, even heavy prey. They are undoubtedly one of the strongest animals in the world. Their Talons have the ability to grip things 10 times the way you can grip things. 

Out of all eagle species, the harpy eagle and African crowned eagle are the strongest. The bald eagle has less strength compared to the golden eagle. The golden eagle has a grip strength of 750 PSI while that of the bald eagle is 400 PSI. 

The golden eagle has the capability to drag an adult mountain. Eagles are exceedingly strong because they have hollow bones. These hollow bones are filled with air which makes the birds light in weight. The average weight of a bald eagle skeleton is half a pound. 

This bird's power is significantly seen in its wing's downward strokes. The muscles that pull the wing up are less while the ones that pull it up which is larger. It is able to grip things strongly because of its powerful leg muscles, strong bones, and tendons.  

13. Great White Shark              

Great White Shark is one of the strongest animals in the world.
Image credit: Gerald Schömbs

The great white shark is one of the most feared creatures and it is the king of the ocean. It is not as big as the whale shark, but it is recognized as part of the largest predatory sharks. This shark has a fearsome bite force of 4000 PSI. 

They are the strongest animal with the highest bite force and of course in the ocean. Using 3d computer modeling, the bite force was analyzed by an Australian scientist. This method is used in estimating crocodile strength as well. 

Large females have a lesser bite force of 1,200 PSI. This shark's jaw is exceptionally strong including its teeth. They have about 300 sharp teeth in their mouth that when it falls out, will be replaced. 

In their lifetime, this shark is capable of replacing its teeth up to 20,000 times. They feed only once in two to three days. There are spaces in between their meal for digestion since they do not chew. They use their teeth to bite and kill prey. 

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