The Top 15 World's Best Car Brands 2024 (Best Manufacturers)

The top 15 best car brands in the world (best car manufacturers) in 2024.

The best car brands in the world in 2024 are automobile companies that produce cars that are safe and reliable. They are brands that stand out, even though the automobile industry is now more competitive than ever. 

When you buy cars from these brands you will not regret it, in fact, they have great resale value. In this article, you will get to know each brand overview and more reasons they are listed here.

These are the top 15 world's best car brands 2024 (best manufacturers), they are,

Most of these manufacturers mentioned here are legendary brands and they are the best car brands of all time. Check them out, and keep reading!




15. Nissan                              

Nissan is among the best car brands in the world.
Image credit: Nguyendungk51 / Pixabay 

Overview: Fuel economy, great affordability, enjoyable performance, innovative designs & proud workmanship

Year founded: December 1933 (as Jidosha-Seizo Kabushiki-Kaisha)

Founder: Masujiro ,,.Hashimoto

Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan

The company name was renamed a year after it was founded to Nissan Motor Company. Nissan is from the name Nihon Sangyou. Datsun is also a mass-segment brand belonging to this company. 

Of recent, Nissan started producing electric cars and there are possibilities that they may become the largest electric car manufacturer. In UAE, the car is very popular because of its powerful engine, and its resale value. 

This brand produces strong vehicles in 2013, Nissan Patrol pulled a 179.9 tons weight Ilyushin Il-76 cargo aircraft. The Nissan Patrol received the title of "heaviest aircraft towed by a production vehicle" according to the Guinness Book of Records. 

Renault has now alliances with Nissan since 1999 and brings some advantages and disadvantages. They produce more cheap cars now and they do not have the quality they once have, yet they are still among the top best car brands in the world in 2024.

14. Kia                                           

Kia is among the best car brands in the world today.
Image credit: Ivabalk / Pixabay

Overview: Reliability, stylish design, fun to drive, Affordable & Safety 

Year founded: June 9, 1944

Headquarter: Seoul, South Korea

Kia is one of the best car brands as they always build relliable affordable cars. They allow you to own a car without making you broke and they ensure quality product as well. 

Their cars comes with many safety features, collision-avoidance assistance, emergency stop signal, pedestrian bumper systems, seatbelt pretensioners and airbags. 

It has low cost of maintenance which help you save more money. It is one of the best car brands in the world in 2024. 


13. Mazda                              

Mazda is among the best car brands in the world.
Image credit: Icsilviu / Pixabay 

Overview: fun to drive, style all at a reasonable price, reliability, safety, high quality & good gas mileage.

Year founded: January 30, 1920

Founder: Jujiro Matsuda

Headquarters: Fuchū, Aki, Hiroshima, Japan

It was 10 years later after it was founded that this brand starts producing its first car. In the past two years, CR rank Mazda among the top best brands in the world, building the best cars. 

This brand of cars is pleasing to look at and its cars are dependable. It is a safe brand that is affordable by many and it offers an abundance of standard features for its price. 

Even if your car is broken, you have rest of mind as repairing it is not outrageously expensive. This carmaker designed their cars with drivers in mind, for this, driving is fun. They produce more reliable cars that are designed to be tolerable and balanced.

12. Peugeot                      

Peugeot is one of the best car brands manufacturers in the world.
Image credit: Mike B / Pexels

Overview: Reliable, Affordable, Comfortable, Dependable, Fuel efficient & Luxury sport cars

Year founded: 26 September, 1810

Founder: Armand Peugeot

Headquarter: Sochaux, France

This brand is highly reliable despite the fact that they produce cheap cars. No wonder, it is listed among the top best car brands in the world in 2024. 

It is a car brand known around the world, because they produce versatile vehicles for rugged roads like some poor roads in Africa. 

Its infotainment system installed in their cars is complex. Its replacement parts are widely available, so its easy to fix any worn out part at affordable price. 

11. Volkswagen                            

Volkswagen is one out of the best car brands in the world.
Image credit: DerMolf / Pixabay 

Overview: Durability, Reliability, low price, Sleek Design & fuel-efficient

Year founded: May 28, 1937

Founder: German Labour Front

Headquarters: Wolfsburg, Germany

From the beginning, this brand's desire is to produce economical cars and for this, they still building cheap cars. Volkswagen cars' engines are usually impressive. They produce cheap cars that are under $20,000; with this, you can have extra cash in your wallet. 

Some of the cars belonging to this brand are fuel-efficient. No wonder Volkswagen owners are obsessed with this brand vehicle as it is among the best brand cars in the world in 2024 and of all time. 

Volkswagen Beetle is among the best selling car of all time. Bringing Volkswagen among the best car brands in the world of all time.
The original Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic car of the 20th century. It was one of the best-selling cars for the entire 20th century, selling more than 21.5 million of the car. 

VW is the first brand to insert seat belts in their cars, thereby saving many lives from the beginning. Unlike other brands that usually assemble their cars in different places around the globe, Volkswagen produces its cars in a single location. 

About 6 years ago, this brand was the biggest carmaker in the world that more than 10 million of their cars were sold. 

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10. Honda                           

Honda is one of the best car brands in the world.
Image credit: Joao Melo / Pixabay 

Overview: Convenience and comfort, affordable, reliable, better resale value & sleek modern designs

Year founded: September 24, 1946

Founders: Soichiro Honda

Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

Honda is listed among the top 10 best car brands in the world as it has won many awards, it is an award-winning brand. They have received awards for almost 80 times. The car, Honda accord alone received 27 awards. 

Even though unlike land property or real estate which can be an investment, cars are not like that, when it comes to Honda, their value is kept as years goes by. For this, the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value and the ALG Residual Value awards were received by Honda Civic, Accord, and Fit. 

This company built cars that are environmentally friendly, in the past 15 years; it was nominated as America’s Greenest Vehicles. In addition, to its reliability is that it can be afforded by the masses. For example, the Honda Fit is one of the cheapest cars with lots of benefits. 

In Hondas, there are lots of safety systems installed in them such as Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Keeping Assist System, Road Departure Mitigation System, and Safety Sensing Suite.


9.  Volvo                              

Volvo is listed among the top best car brands in the world.
Image credit: Carlos4916 / Pixabay 

Overview: Elegant Swedish design, groundbreaking safety features, luxury, Cheapness & reliability

Year founded: April 14, 1927

Founders: Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden

Numerous Volvo models come equipped with cutting-edge all-wheel-drive systems that improve off-road performance. Naturally, the 4-wheel drive systems in these cars also offer a higher level of traction when you are driving in adverse weather such as snow or rain. 

As regards safety, that may come to your mind as regards this automotive company. The brand produces vehicles that have class-leading safety features such as emergency brake assist, blind-spot warning, lane-keeping assist, and others. 

One thing that is also unique about this brand car is its incredible cargo space, they are spacious cars. Its unique elegant style makes it stand out among other brands. 

8. Tesla                          

Among the best car brands in the world is Tesla.
Image credit:  Charlie Deets / Unsplash 

Overview: Comfortable to drive, performance, beauty, environmentally friendly, & nimble

Year founded: July 1, 2003

Founders: Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard

Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States   


This brand was named after Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor. It is more than just a brand; it represents the way transit will be in the next decades. This innovation was first discussed in manuals, but it was achieved when a man the name of Elon Musk brought it to reality. 

This brand is new to the manufacturing of cars compares to other legendary brands, Roadster was Tesla's first car and it was debuted in 2008. The car uses lithium-ion battery cells (same as the battery that is use in laptops and smartphones) in it first production electric car. 

Tesla Model S is the brand best cars ever built that it won many award such as Car of the Year from Motor Trend magazine and among others. The car is easy to service and it is relatively cheap as well. And when it comes to technology, this brand car is advancing. 


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7. BMW                           

On the list of the best car brands in the world is BMW.
Image credit: Leon Seibert / 

Overview: Fun-to-drive, luxury, all-wheel-drive, safety & performance

Year founded: 7 March 1917

Founders: Karl Rapp, Franz Josef Popp and Camillo Castiglioni;

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

It is one of the best brands in the world in 2024 and there are millions of these brand cars on the road today. It is widely known for its luxury as well. Its previous name was Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW) and the meaning is Bavarian plane manufacturing.

This is because the company originally manufactures airplane engines. For this, its logo stands for a plane's spinning propeller telling us the history of the company. In 1917, they adopted the name, Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW). 

Even though it was only after the Treaty of Versailles, BMW only began manufacturing automobiles. In fact, it was the Treaty of Versailles that inspires them to start making cars. In 1972, this brand built its first electric car. 


6. Bentley                         

One of the best car brands as well as luxurious brands is Bentley.
Image credit: Designbymickey / Pixabay 

Overview: Top-Level Luxury, high-quality hand-assembled parts, fast performance, Fun to drive, & finest craftsmanship and materials

Year founded: July 10, 1919

Founder: Walter Owen Bentley

Headquarters: Crewe, United Kingdom

This brand is known for producing expensive vehicles most of this brand models are $300,000 or higher, they are undeniably one of the best brands in the world in 2024.

 Here is why, to make a single vehicle, hundreds of hours are devoted to it because they are assembled by hand even the exterior are hand painted. The overall extravagance of each vehicle comes about due to high quality part and materials being used. 

The body is a combination of steel and aluminum. The mixture of the materials helps in keeping the car light in weight, helps in stiffness, durability, and safety. The interior is beautiful as it features carbon fiber, leather, fine woods, and even stone. 

More to these is public perception of this brand, it has the reputation of its highly desirable luxury. It is one of the top luxury car brands in the world today.  Many car enthusiasts see this brand as an ultimate goal, some even go for it because of the price tag. 


5. Rolls-Royce                      

Rolls-Royce is a luxurious brand on the list of the best car brands in the world.
Image credit: Albmerto / Pixabay 

Overview: Top-Level Luxury, Incredible quality materials, Beautiful notable style, hand-crafted automobiles & social symbol

Year founded: April 1904

Founder: Honorable Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce

Headquarters: Goodwood, in England’s West Sussex, United Kingdom

Right from the start, it is the brand's desire to produce the best cars in the world. It is a brand that produces customize cars, with upgrades and optional extras. This brand is very close to Bentley when it comes to competition. 

Each year about 3000 to 5100 Rolls-Royce cars are built, or lesser, for example in 2009, just 918 of the cars was produced. It one out of the top luxurious brand known that produce expensive vehicles. 

It is one of the cars that are mostly featured mostly in Hollywood movies because of this status symbol. It is certainly one of the best brands in the world in 2024.  

Production of each vehicle takes a longer time, on average to build Rolls-Royce cars; it usually takes about 6 months. It’s paintwork alone details, it is done by hand, in fact by just one person.


4. Bugatti                          

Among the list of the best car brands in the world is luxurious brand Bugatti.
Image credit:  SamiAltaweel / Pixabay 

Overview: Top-Level Luxury, exceptionally well made, performance, low cost of maintenance, & customization

Year founded: 1909

Founder: Ettore Bugatti

Headquarters: Molsheim, France


Cars from this brand are a status symbol of rich people. It known for its speed, they are phenomenal fast; they are among the fastest cars as well as best cars in the world. 

Since most of their cars are sold at sky-high prices, the availability of these cars is limited. For example, just only, 500 Bugatti Chiron were made. Having one will mean you are one of the most elite club of consumers on earth like Floyd Mayweather, Jay Z, and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Even though you may buy it at an expensive price, its maintenance is very low. The interior of these cars are work of arts with its premium hand-stitched leather. Chiron is built with handmade of silver with fine layers of enamel. 

It is one of the classy fashion brands using craftsmanship over machine and with this detailed attention given to each car. In fact, the engines are assembled by hand, mainly by two technicians specifically. It is one of the world richest car companies as well as one of the top world's luxury car brands.


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3. Porsche                            

Porsche is a luxurious brand belonging to the list of the best car brands in the world.
Image credit: Votoapp / Pixabay 

Overview: Top-Level Luxury, extremely reliable car, technology, incredible shock absorption capability & high-end sports cars.

Year founded: April 25, 1931

Founder: Professor Ferdinand Porsche

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

It is one of the leading brands in luxury. Among sports cars, the Porsche 911 is regarded by many as the highest. Certainly, this brand is one out of the best brands in the world. 

It is a durable and reliable brand that 70% of their cars are still on the road today. They put a lot of effort in making the best, thereby helping their customers to still have their cars on the road today. 

When on the road, it balance amazingly, drivers experience smooth ride, it’s like driving in the air. The cars have unique appearance with its timeless appeal. 

The Type 356 marked the beginning of the Porsche automotive brand's history, but Professor Ferdinand Porsche's design company set the foundation for the company years before that, in the year 1932. An upcoming legend's beginnings were documented in the first order book from 1930.


2. Toyota                                

Toyota is a brand that produces quality cheap cars on the list of best cars in the world.

Overview: Highly reliable, consistency in terms of quality, great safety features, durability & cheap maintenance.

Year founded: August 28, 1933

Founder: Kiichiro Toyoda

Headquarters: Toyota City, east of Nagoya, Japan

This brand is certainly one of the best car brands in the world in 2024 that each hour, the company spends $1 Million on research. For this, In terms of safety and having more advanced vehicles, they are constantly in the front. 

When it comes to durability, about 80% of Toyota cars manufactured 20 years ago are still in use. In year 2008, it became the biggest automobile manufacturer. One of the successes achieved by this brand experience was the manufacture of Toyota Prius. 

In its first 10 years of production, over 1 million units of this car were sold. And about five years ago, 6 million of this same car was sold making it world’s top selling hybrid nameplate in that year. 

Here is a brief history of this brand. The founder, Toyoda traveled to the U.S in 1929, and he got inspiration from Chevrolet and Dodge. With this, he learns ideas from these two American car brands and he went back to his country to apply what he learned. 

According to the Brand Finance Automobile 100, in the 2022 ranking, Toyota ranks the top position as the most valuable automobile brand. As regards this company’s worth, about 59.47 Billion is this brand Valuation in USD making it the richest car company in the world.


1. Mercedes Benz                      

Mercedes Benz is listed as first among the best car brands in the world.
Image credit:  Capritography / Pixabay 

Overview: Luxury, pleasure to drive, world-class safety, reliability & performance (its horsepower, torque, and top speed)

Year founded: June 28, 1926

Founders: Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, and Emil Jellinek

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

Even though this brand headquarter is in Germany, its cars are built in 30 different countries around the world. They were one among the first to use all-wheel suspension and stick brakes. 

It is undoubtedly that this brand is among the best car brands in the world in 2022 and of course of all time. Since they are dedicated to safety, they are the first to implement crumple zones. More than two decades ago, they built a self-driving car. 

The car at that time was comparable to a supercomputer since it was loaded with micro sensors. With minimal human assistance, it traveled more than 1,000 kilometers on the Autobahn and achieved 115 mph. 

The system is incorporated into production vehicles, and with this, the technology from the self-driving car evolved into the numerous intelligent driver assistance systems present in today's Mercedes Benz automobiles. 

Mercedes is the number one car company in 2024 as the brand offers luxury vehicles and can still be bought by more people when it comes to the price, they are not extremely expensive. This brand has 58.2 Billion valuations in USD making it the 2nd when it comes to the richest car brand in the world.


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