The Top 10 World’s Richest Royal Families 2024

The Top 10 Richest Royal Families in the world  2024 you need to know.

These royal families have eye-popping net worth. This article shows their net worth as well as their source of wealth.

Here are the richest royal families in the world 2024, they are, 

  • Saudi Arabia Royal Family
  • The Kuwait Royal Family
  • Qatar Royal Family
  • Abu Dhabi Royal Family
  • British Royal Family
  • Thailand Royal Family
  • Brunei Royal Family
  • Dubai's Royal family
  • Liechtenstein Royal family
  • Morocco Royal Family

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10. Morocco Royal Family              

Among the richest royal families in the world is Morocco Royal Family.
Image credit: Daily Sabah

Net worth: $8.2 Billion 

Source of wealth: large business holdings in some economic sectors in Morocco

People in Morocco are neither poor nor rich. However, their royal family is among the richest royal families in the world in 2024 because they have one of the largest fortunes on earth. 

Mohammed VI is the leader of the royal family as well as the king of Morocco. He is one of the richest monarchs in Africa and in the world according to Forbes. 

The sources of Morocco's economy are phosphate minerals, agriculture, especially seafood, and tourism. This family has vast holdings in these sectors. 

9. Liechtenstein Royal Family             

one of the richest oyal families in the wold today is the Liechtenstein Royal Family.
Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein. Image credit: NYC. Royalwatch/Instagram 

Net worth: $4 to 9 Billion

Source of wealth: land holdings, extensive investment, and a private bank.

Prince Hans-Adam II is the leader of this rich royal family. He is the Prince of Liechtenstein and he has been reigning since 1989. 

This family is among the richest royal families in the world and of course in Europe as well. They are one of the biggest private landowners. 

These lands are used for growing grains, producing wood, fishing grounds, nature reserves, and hurting. Domaine Wilfersdorf is a winery with vineyards in Liechtenstein and Austria belonging to this family. 

LGT Bank alone is estimated to be worth almost $2.6 billion and 100 percent of this bank is totally owned by Prince Hans-Adam II and his 3 other siblings.

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8. Dubai's Royal Family                

one of the ichest oyal families today is the Dubai's Royal Family.
Image credit: Emirates Woman

Net worth: $18 Billion

Source of wealth: Dubai struck oil, real estate, and other government-owned enterprises

The present Dubai ruler, Sheik Mohammed bins Rashid Al Maktoum, and his family are one of the wealthiest royals today. He has been ruling Dubai for the past 17 years. They are the Maktoum dynasty. 

Sheikh Maktoum has six wives and 23 children. They live in a royal palace that is 27 times bigger than the white house. The house covers an area of 1.5 million square feet. 

And in the compound, there is a private zoo, which is home to exotic animals, like elephants, giraffes, and tigers. The palace also has a cinema, swimming pool,, and banquet hall that can accommodate 1,000 people. 

Everything about this royal family is extraordinary, is it the events they partake in you might think of, their hobbies, houses, and other material things they own. 

Sheikh Maktoum’s first wedding was recorded as the 'Most Expensive Wedding’ by Guinness World Records. This leader is the force behind the changing of Dubai. 

The Jumeirah Group, DP World, and Emirates Airline (which is the largest airline in the Middle East) are some of his government-owned enterprises. He is also the vision behind the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel, and the Palm Islands. 

7. Brunei Royal Family (House of Bolkiah)      

Brunei Royal Family (House of Bolkiah) is among the richest oyals in the wold today.
Image credit: © james wk / Shutterstock

Net worth: $30 Billion

Source of wealth: The family nurtures the oil and gas industry

This royal family is a 600-year-old dynasty, it is believed that they can be traced back to Yemen. Today's Brunei Sultan is one of the wealthiest people in the world. 

The ruling house of Bolkaiah can be used synonymously with the Sultan of Brunei. His cars collection is estimated to be $4 billion which includes 7000 cars and 600 Rolls Royce. He is the person on earth with the highest collection of cars. 

His private Boeing 747 is gold-plated. He owns many more eye-popping material things. Even though they are not so popular, they are definitely one of the richest royal families in the world in 2024.

6. Thailand Royal Family               

Thailand Royal Family is one of the top richest royal families in the world.
Image credit: Commisceo Global

Net Worth: $45 -60 Billion

Source of wealth: inherited assets namely, land rentals, Siam Cement Group, and Siam Commercial Banks. The last two are Thailand's biggest commercial properties and they own the largest share in it.

The King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn, has a majority of the family's wealth, in his own wealth alone is estimated to be around $43 Billion. 

He is the only son of his father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and his mother, Queen Sirikit. Some people believe he acquired his wealth through the exploitation of the poor, being a rich king ruling over the poor masses. 

That belief is untrue as the king is known to have acquired his wealth through landholdings, and the Crown invests in the Thai stock market which the family inherited from their father.

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5. British Royal Family                     

Among the richest royals in the world is British Royal Family.
Image credit: Chris Jackson/Buckingham Palace via AP

Net Worth: $88 Billion

Source of wealth: The family obtains their wealth from three major incomes: the crown estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Duchy of Cornwall.

The British royal family is certainly one out of the richest royal families in the world. Even though they might not be the number one on this list, of course, they are the most famous among the royal families in the world today. 

Billions of Euro worth of assets, including land and buildings throughout the country, including in central London, and even the seabed surrounding large portions of the British Isles, were the source of a large part of their wealth. 

The family which was presided over by Queen Elizabeth II for a long time until her passing on September 8, 2022, has long captivated the world. 

Despite having received a large portion of her wealth as an inheritance, Queen Elizabeth II is credited with making some wise investments during the course of her long life and reign. Along with the crown's property, King Charles III will receive his mother's major fortune at the time he was enthroned.

4. Abu Dhabi Royal Family, UAE       

One out of the richest royals families in the wold is Abu Dhabi Royal Family, UAE.
Image credit: The quint

Net Worth: $150 Billion

Source of wealth: They gain most of their wealth from oil reserves which is about 6 percent of the world's proven oil reserves.

Out of the royal families in UAE, the Abu Dhabi royal family is the richest among them all and of course one of the royal families in the world in 2024. They are the Nahyan dynasty. 

The country is made up of seven emirates, including Dubai, the center of regional commerce and tourism, each with its own ruling family. 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is oil-rich and it is among the OPEC oil cartels and is in charge of some of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. So what do we expect of this family’s wealth? 

3. Qatar Royal Family (The Al-Thani Family)   

The third on the list of the richest royal families in the world is Qatar Royal Family (The Al-Thani Family).
Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Image credit: Qatar News Agency / Handout via Reuters  

Net Worth: $335 Billion

Source of wealth: Currently the royal family controls important government departments and gets a sizable portion of public funding. Most of the public funds are gotten from the exports of liquified natural gas and they are the leading country in exporting this gas.

The Al-Thani Family is the ruling family of Qatar from the Tamimi tribe. They became the royal family through the Ottoman imperial and British politics. 

They were enthroned as monarchs based on their longevity in the area, power, and greater connections. They are different from other Arab rulers because they do not relate to Prophet Muhammad or their kingdoms.

Since they currently control important government departments and get a sizable portion of public funding, this brings them among the richest royal families in the world in 2024. 

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2. The Kuwait Royal Family (Al Sabah Family)  

Second on the list of the richest royals families in the world is The Kuwait Royal Family (Al Sabah Family).
Image credit:

Net worth: $400 Billion

Source of wealth: Many of their U.S stock investments skyrocketed in value and from oil reserves

Since 1756, the Ṣabāḥ dynasty, or Āl Ṣabāḥ Family has been the ruling family of Kuwait. Kuwait was originally made up of a group of families of the ʿAnizah tribe that chose Ṣabāḥ ibn Jābir (r. c. 1752–64)  one of the Ṣabāḥ family to be their king. 

And now, the family still retains the power after their dependence in the late 19th century from the Ottoman Empire. In the past and present, they enjoyed the support of the United Kingdom and the United States. 

1. Saudi Arabia Royal Family – The Richest Royal Family in the World  

Saudi Arabia Royal Family is The Richest Royal Family in the World.
Image credit: Nairametrics

Net Worth: $ 1.4 Trillion

Source of wealth: They got most of their assets from the vast oil reserves, they are able to control 18% of the world’s oil. 

This royal family ruled over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The leader of the royal family is King Salman. They rule over a population of about 35 million. The family lives a very luxurious lifestyle.  

The Crown Prince is the richest prince in the world. For example, he bought a Leonardo da Vinci painting for a whopping price of $450 million. 

Not only that, he splashed $300 million on a French chateau and a staggering amount of $500 million on a yacht. They are the richest royal family in the world with a wide margin between them and the second richest royal family. 

In 1687, the grand patriarch of the House of Saud, Muhammad Ibn Saud established the first Saudi state. Then the present Saudi Arabia was known as Diriyah and he was the ruler. 

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